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5 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters in SEO Ranking

5 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters in SEO Ranking

Websites with poor loading time are always a heck or mess for end users. Back in 2010 the master of all search engines Google declared that website speed majorly affects your ranking. It is an obvious thing for Google the convenience of his end user is at first priority. There is no space for any poor strategy or functioning of any website in digital marketing. The below mentioned quote, clearly shows the importance of quick loading pages for scoring high ranks on search engine.

According to Google (search engine)

“A search result for a resource having a short load time relative to resources having longer load times can be promoted in a presentation order, and search results for the resources having longer load times can be demoted.”

To overcome this issue you need to understand 5 reasons why website speed matters in SEO…

Before hitting the main topic of my post I would like to share the cause of low website speed. These are bullet points which results in delayed website speed.

  • Heavy images take too long to get uploaded which majorly lower your website speed.
  • Always link your website with a reliable host, poor hosting also badly effect your website loading time.
  • Heavy or extra plugins can also often effect loading time.

Why Website Speed matters in SEO Ranking?

Below are the points to answer the above mentioned statement;

  1. Firstly in terms of google, it is truly not acceptable for any website to take too long in loading pages. This is because it will place bad impact on the end user. The users surely get annoyed of low speed websites.
  2. Poor website speed increase bounce rate of your website which is hazardous in terms of SEO and you can lose your website ranking. Besides this, if you are even running paid advertisements low speed can cost badly without any earning in response.
  3. Low loading time of websites minimize the traffic. This immediately diverts user attention towards the competitors’ website. And in SEO checklist website traffic is the major challenge.
  4. No matter, what you are sharing with your audience, low website will ruin your content marketing effort or even for e-commerce website the user will grab bad image as it will be annoying. Content marketing is a major part of SEO for all types of websites.
  5. Reviews stated by your clients or visitors act as a doorway for new audience. In case of poor reviews new visitors will avoid to visit leaving your website as a dead soul. This is why you need to work on your website speed.

How to deal with it:

This is not a complex issue to deal with. There are many online tools available which can help in measuring your page speed. Once you have diagnosed the problem, then your need to immediately eliminate all those points or optimize your website completely. This will surely place a significant effect on your website SEO ranking.

These were the elements that are associated with your website speed.