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Impressive Website Development results in Effective Marketing

Impressive Website Development Results in Effective Marketing

Digital existence has emerged as a vital element for all sort of businesses in 21st century. Be it a standalone website or a social media page, you need to stand out among all. As website plays a crucial role in your branding and effective marketing so it should be your prime concern to make your website impressive. For a successful marketing campaign, your website must meet the latest industry benchmarks. In 2017, the trend store has evolved. Website development is such a dynamic industry that does not stay still for long.

Here are given some trendy features which you must incorporate in your website development to make your marketing efforts work.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is an advanced technology where developers use 2d and 3d techniques to impress the visitors. Instead of providing information in text or image form, developers choose virtual reality to make an impact. Initially it was used in gaming industry but now almost every business is upgrading their website to this technology. The perfect examples of companies using VR are Google and Mozilla.

Artificial intelligence:

Primarily used in robotics and machines, artificial intelligence has changed the way you look at the world. Website development is changed altogether with introduction of this technology. Things got more interesting and customer oriented with AI. There are number of APIs available for frequently used artificial intelligence landscapes. Instant chat / online customer support, automatic news generation, Video/music/product recommendations are the most commonly used artificial intelligence techniques on websites.

Static website generator:

Static website generator liberates the developer from the hectic tasks of databases. While using static website generator, developers can use plain text files rather than using databases which results in increased speed, advanced security, easy deployment and better web traffic management.

Angular 2:

Angular 2 is basically a component driven architecture approach which is a leading web development technique these days. Angular 2 is one of the most popular JavaScript framework being used in website development in 2017. Angular 2 and Typescript, both are mainstreaming the object oriented development approach. With angular 2, you can get your dream website that would entirely be up to the standards of search engine optimization.

Internet of things:

Internet of things (IoT) has revolutionized the World Wide Web. Front end developers need to keep this evolution in mind while developing their websites in 2017. There are countless devices and machines which are incorporating IoT and need to be considered. Google’s Smart Watch and Amazon’s The Amazon Echo are the best examples of IoT.


These are some of the advancements which developers are supposed to encounter in 2017. Without these, the website looks lame and boring. If your website is made with the intention of pure marketing and business generation, you can’t skip any of these.  In near future, we will find more technological progressions in web development.

What do you think the future of web development is? Share your ideas in the comments section because we love to hear from you.

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