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what are the prospects of web startup? Are they bright or dark?

What are the prospects of web startup? Are they bright or dark?

Startups are the new and latest method bringing your talents and skills to reality. web startups are one of them. web startup not only save money but also time as well. Technology is facing transformation with the start of web startup. previously technology was only considered to be dealt with expensive equipment and devices but with the rise of internet and web this is changed to web startup. web startup includes startup website,blogs,apps,web apps etc.

The future of web startup seems to be bright and challenging.it can create dramatic changes as well. Following are the prospects that web startup will face.

  • Increased number of web startup

My first prediction about the future of web startup is that there will be increased number of startups. The market will be bombarded with many startup companies as everyone wants a job where he is the boss.no one wants it for 9-5 job as it is really tiresome and hard. Previously due to expensive devices starting a startup was a difficult task but due to this low cost facility of web this will lower down while increasing the number of startups. And it may reach to a number of surprisingly high.

  • Standardization

When technology becomes cheaper there is a change in standardization as well. Expensive and high tech stuff is always very popular and standardized.in web startup there would be challenge for standardization as well.as web startup need to follow the needs and requirements of users and determine what to do next.

In this case the market would tell the startup companies what to do?

While talking about standardization web startup should follow the investment terms as well.as raising money takes longer and it costs a lot on legal work so there should be proper dealing for invests as well.

  • New strategies for risk are possible.

Reward and risk are inter-related. Where there is risk there is reward. Especial in entrepreneurship.it is usually a fashion or trend to do crazy things to get the big return. Google example is in front of us like starting a new search engine 1998, or turning down a billion dollar acquisition offer.

People have different attitudes towards risks. If they know that they will get the bigger rewards in the end they can take a small risk but who don’t big enough tend to be more conservative.

  • Young and energetic founders

There was a time when computers were very expensive and microprocessor made them cheap .same it is related with webs startups, more young and energetic people will be founders. Investors had been very tough ad critical for startups .and if startups are cheaper, then it would be very easy to convince investors.

  • Lots of Competitors

With the increase number of web startup there will be increased competition as well.

We cannot exactly figure out who can succeed or who cannot? there cannot be limit to it.web startup only succeed by the wealth they make. If the users are satisfies their success is for sure. Increased number of startup doesn’t mean that you are not going to succeed.it is associated with the idea .if your idea floats and hits the audience then your startup is IN!!

In short there are  pros and cons of web startups. but as far the future and prospect are concerned there are bright chances that young people will come as leader and will acquire the market soon.so all the web startup gurus must pull up their socks and think bigger!!