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Top 6 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Top 6 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020

It’s not only the dates that change at the commencement of every New Year, it’s more about the new and fresh ideas that come along, contributing in the overall progression and development of a particular discipline. Same is the case with evolution of web design industry, every new year introduces various new web design trends that keep it crisp and alive throughout the year. So, let’s have a look at:

The top 6 web design trends to follow in 2020

  1. Design to compliment content

Last few years have seen people viewing design elements of their web experience a whole lot differently than they did previously. Now they anticipate the arrangement of design elements to compliment the content, the core message, without affecting the speed in the process. As a designer, it’s the best time to embrace the fact that people nowadays visit websites primarily for their content. And if a particular design is unable to cater to this requirement of theirs, they’ll move on to better alternatives. So, this is one of the first web design trends to follow in 2017.

  1. Collaborate and communicate – no more solo flights

In design realm, gone are the days of solo flights – now everything is intertwined with every other thing. It’s become imperative to communicate with fellow designers as well as developers, if you want to be seen as a viable designer.

  1. Type is the new hype – big and bold

As content takes center stage, more and more websites prefer featuring inspirational and resonant copy, incorporated in type as big and bold as the content itself. So, be ready to see type as the new hype as far as top web design trends to follow in 2020 are concerned.

  1. SVGs will dominate

Scalable vector graphics, or SVGs as they are known otherwise, are expected to overtake traditional image formats like PNG, JPG and GIF, thanks to a host of inherent advantages they offer. Some most prominent of them include:

  • Scalable and vector – the name says all in this case! SVGs are not raster or pixel-based; instead, they are composed of vectors. You can consider them as mathematical descriptions of the shape of an object. This is what makes them resolution-independent, looking amazing on any screen size or device type.
  • You don’t have to rely on HTTP requests to process them, which results in improving the speed of your website unbelievably.
  • They can be animated.
  1. Bright is right

With bold and bright colors getting back in 2019, 2020 is expected to see more of bright and bold. Not only that, but gradients also step in real strong, helping to blend and blur those vibrant hues to your desired frequencies perfectly. Together, these two aspects are sure to be among the best web design trends to follow in 2020.

  1. Animation will rule

With visual tools improving better than ever, there’s no doubt that most designers will resort to more of engaging and intriguing animations during 2020. So, branding will get much needed assistance from this increased reliance on quality animation and without any doubt

Are you ready to make impact with your designing skills in 2017?

You must, and the top 6 web design trends to follow in 2020 listed above will help you make your mark with much ease and confidence. So, you better give it a go right now!