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Top 5 App Development Platforms for Startups

Top 5 App Development Platforms for Startups

At present, app development is very much in trend within the IT industry. All startups who are thinking of having their own app are scared of spending heavy expense and much more time. This is somehow true, app development takes months and months to get ready and a lot of amount is also required in the near past. Advancements in technology are overcoming many issues including this as well. Whatever the type of app you are about to get build it is now in range.

Many online app development platforms are available to ease you out. With just a little amount and within a couple of days you can build your own app without coding. Isn’t it amazing for all startups out their… In this post I have listed the top most platforms to let you experience the best.

Below are the Top 7 App Development Platforms for startups…

5: TheAppBuilder:

The app builder is one of the app development platforms. It assists the developers regarding app building in two ways. Firstly, you can get ideas and tips from the tutorial options. The app builder will help you in building your app. It will provide you the basic structure and the initial content. Secondly; you can get benefited by the installed tools for app building.

The special feature of app builder is that you are free to make unlimited updates and amendments even on your live apps. With just a click once update published can be posted on multiple options. You can keep your public and private apps secure in an organized way.

4: Appery.io:

Appery is an exclusive app builder provided with the backend services. It helps in rapid creation of mobile apps for all types and sizes of businesses. It is provided with tools to work as graphics editor. You can also add up extensions or plugins whether self-created or customized within your apps.

3: Appy Pie:

Appy Pie is a superb app builder with multiple options. You can create apps without any coding or programming. It allows you to create apps for multiple formats including, android, windows and IOS. The best feature of this app builder is that it gives you a free chance to build with unlimited tools. Your destiny is just a few minutes away from you. Once created you can share with you friends and can also make required updates with ease.

2: GameSalad:

Games are also considered as apps and for creating your own designed game you can pick Game Salad as an option. If you are interested in creating a game app and don’t have sufficient knowledge of programming then, this is the best ever option for you. It is provided with the basic scenario and character with an editable option. You can customize according to your plan. For developers assistance it has an active forum where you can get answered against your queries and problems by experts from all over the globe.

1: ShoutEm:

With just a click on shout em start creating your own app development process. It is integrated with all essentially required application development tools. They provide a user friendly experience with excessive tools and designs.

These were the top 5 available options for acquiring best app development experience within minimum amount and time.