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Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools

Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools

 Paul Shapiro, a digital marketing expert and a famous SEO director and strategist of GroupM said this about Online reputation management

 “What will people find when they Google your businesses name? Will it be a bad Yelp review cautioning them to not buy from you? Or will it be something positive that will cause them to buy from you? This is your online reputation, and it’s important.”

The question is why this is so important and how we can manage it. Is there any magic to convert bad reviews to good or a man with a hunter is standing beside out account to push away anyone with bad words. Well! No not at all, there is anything like that. There are multiple tools designed to lend a hand to you in managing your brand image online. Online reputation management just needs a watchful approach with an in depth knowledge of the apps and helpful ORM tool.

Checkout the list of top 10 online reputation management tools;

This is a brilliantly designed tool to protect your identity. You can have the chance to control your personal details and information. It allows you to understand that which part of your information can be disclosed over the web. People are more worried of identity theft because of many professional hackers. This tool promises for the best services to protect you from identity holdup.

They are also offering a couple of free tools like email checker, Fraud hot spot map and spoof emails. These extensions make it more handy and significant for online reputation management.

You can now easily manage your profile with this amazing online reputation management tool. It helps you in in connecting your profile throughout the social networks. Get registered and enjoy the latest yet simple option to manage your social accounts in an improved way.

Send your network certified secured messages with Spyshakers. The most interesting feature of this tool is that the message once read will be vanished afterwards. Once you will create any message or email a URL will be generated against that message. You can share secret information regarding your brand or projects. It will keep your words secure from the hackers. Another interesting part is that you don’t need to get registered for creating your secret message. You can keep your identity hidden. This tool also allows you to track the details of unauthorized viewers.

Online reputation management can also be handled with the help of Reputation Defender. It works to protect your reputation by changing the placement of negative reviews. This means the unwanted reviews go down the search where normally none read. In this way all good reviews can be viewed by the clients. This in return keep you image safe and trustworthy. I also deals with securing the personal privacy of users along with social relation issues.

Keotag is also an Online Reputation Management tool for securing your brand image across the web. You can easily search for the tagged blog posts with the help of Keotag. It helps you in finding the posts over multiple blog search engines. No registration required all you have to do is just enter a keyword and start your search without any delay.

Are you curious about knowing what people think of you, your brand, and your newly launched product? Then, I must say you are at the right place… It will make it happen in just a single click. Search whatever you what this tool will collect results from all over the web wherever your names will be mentioned in any comments. In this way you can track what people actually talking about .This will surely be helpful in online reputation management of your brand. The best part is that it covers almost every social media network directly to fetch out the required data with proven authenticity.

It is also an Online Reputation Management tool designed to search blogs and latest trends. It also has been provided with the social media sites search in its upgraded form. You can get authentic results along with the date and time. It shows the top most results, which are currently popular. There is a chance to get the most relevant search results just like google respond to your query. Choose the search category you wanted to search for and get what you want.

Social media monitoring and Online Reputation Management  was never been so simple and fast as it is with this amazing tool named Trackur. No matter where you are and on which device you are working, you can access Trackur everywhere. This tool allows you to access the complete detail about your social account analytics and insights. There is an additional option of automated review scoring. It marks the conversations as in negative, positive and neutral. It covers almost every social networking site, including blogs, news and more…

Improve your online presence with this Online Reputation Management and monitoring tool. It collects reviews and comments about your brand or business and creates a feedback on them. You can communicate with your customers with negative opinion; this will help in recovering that lost reputation. Additionally, this tool also works on figuring out the reasons behind complaints. Once you will get to know about that cause, it will surely help you in acquiring long term solutions.

Social Draft provides you an organized view with a calendar, to make your work scheduling simple and quick. You can create day to day plans. It allows you to receive notifications about who is visiting your account and what people are talking about. It also assists you in managing your accounts.


These were the tools, which can surely be significant in online reputation management for free. All you need to do is be watchful and have clear understanding about these tools. Get registered where you feel convenient and experience an improved reputation. So, do not miss any of them and get tuned to the latest trends in managing your performance for better and profitable results.