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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends 2016 to Watch

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends 2016 to Watch

Every New Year comes up with a bundle of new ideas and innovative strategies. Talking about digital marketing here, 2016 is a year, which is full of new plans and lucrative ideas for all digital marketers out there. It has been analyzed 2015 was the era of SEO and Google search for all consumers. Contrary to this, 2016 will focus on many new trends beyond the limits of Google search engine.

Following are the top 10 digital marketing trends 2016 to watch out for improved business activities…

For all online marketers, it is very essential to look out the upcoming trends for this New Year to get most out of their efforts. These points will direct you towards the right direction. So let’s take a look to details mentioned below;

  1. Content is king, even in 2016 you cannot leave the content behind. Digital marketing will be highly dependent on Content quality and quantity. The most relevant and useful content will be required.
  2. People will be influenced more with the info graphics and slides. Video sharing will become necessary for maximizing sales and website traffic. It has been declared that consumer is more attracted towards colorful content.
  3. Think out of the box, just Google is not sufficient for marketing and consumer search. There will be a significant amount of users considering Facebook and Twitter for marketing and selling purpose. They will become key constituents of Digital Marketing.
  4. Digital marketing will be mobilized. Marketers will be using advance technologies to expose their brand globally through different ways and means. This will eloquently improve your targeted audience and interactions with your customers.
  5. Companies will be eager to launch their brand apps sharing useful content and services through these mobile applications. There will be countless additions on android and IOS business apps.
  6. Digital marketing outsourcing will be strictly denied and people will focus towards in-house set up for improved productivity. There will be emerging professionals within this field who will be working in-house.
  7. Companies will adopt different strategies for website content optimization. They will focus on data management and validation, along with utilizing content management system for frequent up gradations.
  8. Digital marketing will also highlight latest link building strategies for authenticating the website. There will be many guides on link building. People will promote services through different guides and E-Books.
  9. Marketers will introduce many campaigns with giveaways to attract more customers. There will be many free or paid tools to run campaigns on Facebook effectively through proper monitoring.
  10. Last but not the least; the email marketing will also be in practice. Marketers will tune up their email marketing efforts to grab excessive leads. This topic will be a part of webinars in digital marketing trends 2016.

These were the top 10 trends for digital marketing collected from the well known experts to give you the best guide. I hope this will be helpful for all internet marketers.