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The Best Android Apps Ever

Undoubtedly, Android marketplace is overloaded with the games and apps. Developers are working hard to introduce mobile applications which are out of the box. Every day we find something new which facilitates us in making our routing life easier and managing it in the best way ever. We can find mobile apps for each and every arena of our lives like entertainment, health, news, communication etc. Here, in this post, I am going to provide you a list of Best Android Apps ever.

Best Android Apps: Entertainment

For entertainment, I will suggest you to try FML. It is the hottest android application since now where people share their true life stories. It is really fun to read daily life stories of people even you don’t know. Another free app is DeadBeef Player. Music lovers can manage their collection in an optimal way via this app.

Best Android Apps: Communication

For communication and social purpose, all of us are well aware of the best apps. Still I will describe you briefly in this regard. In my ranking, which is pretty much similar to Google’s ranking, hot apps are Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, twitter app and Instagram. If you love to have chats with your contacts and interested in audio or video calling, use Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. In Whatsapp, you can chat with the contact list saved in your mobile. While in Facebook you can chat with your FB friends only. Instagram is more oriented towards picture sharing and twitter app is about latest updates from celebrities and friends.

Best Android Apps: Management

To make our lives easier, Android has introduced a number of apps. We can do time management and task management using the latest apps launched my android. EasilyDo and Evernote are such apps which aid you in managing your items like audio, video and images in a better way. You can also perform task management in it where you can write down you To-Dos. One of the best apps is Asana. In this app you can manage big projects on an organizational level. You can divide your project into tasks and can work on them in detail.

Best Android Apps: Shopping

Online shopping is getting very common now. Almost every person, either male or females, has started making online purchases. To smooth out this process, developers and businesses have launched a number of applications. Top applications to do online shopping are Amazon, Pinterest and Google Wallet. Amazon and Pinterest provide you the facility to look at product portfolios and shop them with simple clicks. Google Wallet is the service to make payments. For your purchased goods, you can pay via Google wallet instead of PayPal etc.

Best Android Apps: Finance and Productivity

Although there are a huge list of android apps which are designed to increase your productivity and efficiency but 2 of them are remarkable. One is OfficeSuit Pro and other one is Doodle. OfficeSuit pro eliminates your desktop or laptop needs. It supports all type of Microsoft office files and PDF files. Doodle is about meeting setting. You can see when other person is free for an appointment.
This is all from my side. I hope you liked the list. If you have some suggestions, let us know!

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