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Ovex Software offer following services:

Web Development

By Ovex Software - But Why?

We are a custom software development company and implement software development life cycle and agile software development methodologies to ensure best quality output and optimized software performance. Ovex has made a name for itself among the fast growing software companies operating in Pakistan. Ovex team keeps engaged with the client for every step of the way until and unless the client is 100% satisfied with the service or product delivered. We not only deliver the requirements; we deliver on expectations. 

The edge of getting services from Ovex Tech Software is that we provide end-to-end mobile apps and web development services and support. Our websites and apps are device responsive. We create websites which are optimized according to the needs of the platforms approved by our customers. Our web development methodologies follow the latest technologies.

Mobile Applications

Let's digitize your thoughts!

Mobile Apps have turned the globe into a digital village. We provide solutions for mobile development which can either be cross platform or native applications.

Ovex Software team provides you with all of your app development and maintenance needs. Our mobile applications development team is a blend of innovative and creative minds. Be it application development for android, IOS or Progressive web apps, we develop every type of mobile app. If you are facing a problem in translating your thoughts to a digital version, Ovex Software is your best bet.

We not only provide you with the end product, but also the training and support which you need to understand and run your apps. We translate your rough ideas into a live functional item.

Write to us and help us turn your ideas into reality. Let’s digitize your thoughts!

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design Team is Designing your Dreams!

A simple, flawless, user-friendly, interactive and responsive web and mobile apps design meets your business need. We have an experienced team of very creative graphic designers, who care about good user experience. Our software development services are designed for everyone, from small businesses and startups to large enterprises.

Our graphic designing team can design stunning graphic designs and turn your design ideas into something spectacular. Our strength is creativity, visual effects and exclusiveness. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you are at the right place.

Our customers are important to us whether they are individuals, small and large enterprises. We believe in creating long lasting customer partnerships with all of our clients.

Digital Marketing

A merely decade ago, there was no concept of digital marketing and digital presence and the words like SEO and social marketing did not exist. With the passage of time, businesses have started evolving to compete digitally. Digital marketing is now the way to build business branding. A plethora of Ecommerce companies appeared over the internet in last few years. Along with the ecommerce sites, every organization is now running most of their operations and sales digitally. Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and online marketing in general is the primary way to market your brand and increase your sales.

Either you are an online shopping store or an educational venture, an NGO or an employment firm, retailer or a restaurant; you need to have a good digital marketing strategy to get visible on digital media.


What do I mean by digital media or digital marketing?​

It means your presence in the eyes of Google, over the social media and on a website portal.

We, the team of Ovex are serving the organizations as well as individuals in branding. We provide number of digital marketing services which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Videos, PPC and online advertising. You can take either a complete package from us or pick and choose.

We promise you an enhanced version of your digital presence on Google searches, higher followers and connections over the social media, and last but not the least is increased interaction with your potential customers. With our latest digital marketing strategies, we provide you with a potential for generating business leads.

Success is measured in quantitative form. We provide you results in measurable form so that you can see your progress graph over the period of time. We assure the sustainability of results. The performance graph will continue to demonstrate positive results because we use long term positive strategies rather than short term and negative strategies.

Software Outsourcing

Ovex Tech Pakistan is one of the country’s leading BPO and IT Solutions provider. Our services portfolio includes comprehensive Outsourcing, Helpdesk & Software Development Solutions.

Ultimate Outsourcing Solutions!

Ovex’s Software Development Outsourcing Solutions deliver effective, quality end-user support services for small, medium and large enterprise to hire and manage dedicated teams. These services empower customers by allowing them to focus on their core business instead of technology support and management issues, while Ovex takes care of your development needs in a professional and engaging manner. Ovex adheres to strict international standards in service quality and dependability. Quality and adherence is never compromised. We understand the diverse technological needs and demands of an evolving global enterprise.

Whenever we accept any outsourcing project, we assign it to a specific team, managed by a Lead Developer. We are always ready to expand our team if your requirements are greater than our current resource pool. We hire new professionals and experts if something new is outsourced to us. We like taking initiatives and challenges.

It’s all about focus. Let Ovex focus on the details, so you can focus on the things your company does best. Our portfolio of Outsourcing services deliver the highest level of professionalism, accuracy, timeliness, and quality.