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search engine optimization and relationship with google

There are unpaid results of web search engines where the user puts any query and it gets its desired results of its web page. The process of its effective visibility of any website or webpage in general is search engine optimization. Generally it is used as a technique that any page appears on higher rank on search results page, the more likely it will appear in the first few raking the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. The more increased number of visitors will turn into customers.

Search engine optimization has many targets; it includes image search, word search, document search and academic search.

Being into search engine optimization process it basically considers how it works, what people are looking at ,what they are searching, what kind of words are being targeted by what kind of audience. Editing content, coding of website and promoting a website to increase the number of back links or inbound links I called the process of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization was initiated in 1997.it was linked with the process of involving manipulation of keywords.

Search engine optimization has direct link with google. Its performance can be seen and compared over the years since its inception.

1998 when it was created by two Stanford phd students .Larry page and Sergey brin developed ‘back rub’.it was search engine that relied on mathematical  algorithm to rate the appearance and performance of the web pages.

We will see how over the years google has been improving its search through different and innovative methods.

search engine optimization and google:

Following is the list of tools and methods used

  1. Page rank
  2. Off page an on page factors
  3. Nofollow
  4. Google caffeine
  5. Google instant
  6. Panda Google
  1. Page rank:

The quality and functions of inbound links was done by pagerank.it estimate the likelihood of page that will be reached by users.

  1. Onpage and off page:

Key word frequency and meta tags, headings, links, site structure are onpage factors and offpage factors are page rank and hyperlink. It is used to avoid any type of manipulations seen in search engines.

  1. Nofollow:

By 2004 the search engines were using undisclosed factors in their search and ranking algorithmic.the  purpose was to reduce the page manipulation.

By 2007 ‘ranking was dead’ due to personalized searches .by 2009 nofollow was introduced. They also replaced nofllow techniques with JavaScript.

  1. Google caffeine:

In 2010, google introduced google caffeiene.it was introduced to find new results. It showed 50% fresher results for web searches.

  1. Google instant:

Real time searches were carried out through google instant.

  1. Google panda:

Panda was software that was introduced for finding out the copied and plagiriesed content from web.it was common practice to copy content from websites and paste them on other websites.it was introduced for penalizing such activities. This software offered websites to publish new and fresh data.

Overall trend of search engine optimization and google had been positive and progressive.as it is evident from the launch and development of new techniques that google has always been keen for page ranking and effective visibility of pages on google search bar.