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Reason to choose startup world over a corporate job

Whenever any university student graduates he or she has a lot of offers. There are few lucky graduates who have high paying entry level positions in the reputable brand and there is also a chance that there are job offer from a small startup. Usually small startups have big visions, nice ideas and good products but it is difficult to make a decision that whether to go for a startup world or not. Big brand s with good pays is always very attractive. But I have written little reason to choose startup world over a corporate job.

More responsibility:

In startup world there are always small teams with few people. The teams consist of single digits. In this kind of set up there is no one other than you who have same skill set or who thinks in your way.so it makes more responsible because in large corporations .

More opportunities:

It is a clear fact that in startup world there are low pays as compared to big corporations and businesses. your degree and qualification can be much higher than your pay in any startup. But it is not the fact that startup world cannot reward anything. There are incentive based systems.

One man and different hats:

In corporate world if one is hired at one position he or she remains to that position only. They cannot go to other areas. If they are working for some software house then May it be designing, writing, working for excel sheets. Usually one person works for only one task. But in the other hand if you are working in startup world then you will be wearing different hats at a time.

Learning from innovators:

In startup world you will find innovators.it is an ingredient of every startup that they innovators. From web development to software solution and other such areas where startups are working they need innovators ad they are successful due to innovative ideas.It is always linked with action and reaction. You want to solve the problems in a new and enlightening way.In start up world people go for business in their own way. They have different approach and ideas .they are different from those who are never went into such things. Entrepreneurs are the best people to learn from. They look at the things in different way. They have innovative ideas to solve the problems. Innovation is more than creativity.


It is a common trend of any multinational or corporation that whenever you work for them your work remains unrecognized. No matter how much hard work you put in.But in startup world it is impossible to go unnoticed. There are small teams in startups, so your work gets not only recognition but also the credit as well. This atmosphere and trend keeps you focused and at motivated. But on the other side your failure can be noticed easily. You should be careful for your mistakes.

So there was the few reason to go for startup world instead of corporate world. There are many people who are more satisfies in startup world instead of corporate world.