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Working for a startup

Questions you should ask before working for a startup

In this world there are many startups? Almost every industry is having startups. There are web startup, tech startups and many more. There are many things which should be kept in mind before working for a startup. They only focus on salaries, benefits, job description and many more. But they forget and neglect some of the few main areas.

Many who are interested in working for a startup forget few questions and they have justification for that. According to them I didn’t find appropriate to answer these questions, I didn’t even think that they should be considered while working for a startup and stuff like that.

In this article I am going to highlight all such questions which people do not ask before working for a startup. You people must be thinking that what those questions are; they must be same standard questions like all others tell us.NO! They are not. I’m just trying to tell you that you should cover these areas as well before working for a startup.

Questions you should ask before working for a startup:

  1. Bonding of founders?

Working for a startup always needs to know the history of the startup.it is very critical question to know the bonding and level of understating between the founders. How did they meet, since how long they know each other are the key questions one should know? What is the reason which brought them together here? Are the synchronized mentally? There are many startups that fail not because they fail to grab the customers and win the market just because their founders are not on the same table. You should consider this thing before working for a startup that either founder is ready to get along with each other or not.


  1. Team bonding:

Teams in startups are very close. They are with each other most of the time. You should be very careful while interacting with them. If you do not make it with anyone of them then your life is going to be hell.


  1. Importance of any idea:

Everyone knows that startups work on the phenomenon of ideas. There’s fair chance that many founder do not get to look at your idea. But there are chances that people may look into your idea as well. But they would definitely get many other ideas before pursuing your idea.


  1. Money matters:

There are many startups like mobile applications startups, which are funded by many investors. As raising money and getting the profit is headache of investors. But you should be well aware before working for a startup that what will be plans of company in terms of capital rising.


  1. Expectation of founders from a product?

There is another question you should clear before going towards  a startup. What are the prime goals of any startup? That want to generate hell a lot money or they want create a world famous product. This question is important because at some point all the people in a startup should be on same page.