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Pros and cons of using open source software

With the emerging trends in IT domain developers are heading towards more efficient IT solutions. Open source software is also a part of new age innovation with exclusive features.

What is Open Source Software?

In simple language we can define Open source software as, the one which can be modified. Its code and design is in access to anyone. Once a programmer gets the source code, he can enhance its features and workability.  People often misunderstand this term and refers it to a free software. In fact the developer of open source has the rights to charge against its services. They have their own legal terms and policies.

Who can use open source software?

Is this available only for programmers? Well, no, it’s not only limited to them anyone can get access to it and have the right to make modifications according to their requirements.

List of pros and cons of using open source software

Following are the advantages and shortcomings of using open source software for your business.

How Open Source is Beneficial? 

  • Flexible:

In proprietary software the user is bound to respond against updates, for example while using Microsoft you get frequent knockouts. In open source software solutions it’s truly up to you. This is why, you can easily continue running your software even with the old hardware.

  • Customizable:

Open source is best for business because of its customizable nature. The programmer is free to enhance as per his requirement. You can add more features, which can be helpful in your website optimization.

  • Accessible:

As we have mentioned it is accessible to anyone. This made it more convenient to use as you do not need to get worried about the licenses. Where ever you are located or no matter how many times you install, it is all yours.

  • Auditable:

Involving the third party is always difficult to handle or you might face some reliability issues. In open source software you are not bound to the vendor’s system, it allows you have complete access to your work. You are not dependent on a vendor for quality issues for example; you do not need to claim them for security or any obligatory changes.

Why Not to Use Open Source? 

  • No Support:

When it comes to closed or proprietary software there is a complete possibility of support from the programmers. In case you got stuck at any point you can get help. Contrary to this, in open source software you can get thousands of suggestions online through public forums and other social media sites, but none of them will be authentically proven.

  • No Guarantee:

In open source you won’t be having guarantee in terms of updates. There is no check and balance you might get stuck somewhere and seeking for updates, but this orphan software has often no parents to look after.

  • Complicated:

If you are using open source software for your business, you need to hire an expert to deal with it. It is not provided with properly explained user interface this is why it is complicated at times.

These were the details about open source software pros and cons.