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Where to Play Free Online Games – 2016 List

These days, people are getting more dragged towards online games. Young generation loves to play free online games because of the hug available variety. Online games are getting popular because you don’t have to spend hours in downloading and installing a game on your system or mobile. It saves your system’s memory, processor and RAM space. All you need is a fast and reliable internet connection which can support the fluent game run.

List of top 5 websites to Play Free Online Games

The major problem which people face these days in playing games online for free is spamming. The additional plugins and ads which you have to go through in order to play the game create a lot of mess. So, the purpose of my article is to provide you some authentic resources where you can play free online games without spending a penny.

Big Fish Games:

Bigfishgames.com is known to be the largest platform which is enriched with millions of games playable online. Best part is that this platform is not for a single platform. It supports multiple platforms like android, windows, MAC and iOs games. You can make a refined and detailed search for games I each category. I have found this platform as the top performer if you want to play free online games.

Online Games:

Although this website is having a limited games selection but the performance of games which you find here is unbeatable. If you are having a slow internet, don’t be worry! Your game will never stop because they have installed some very light weighted games on their servers which are operate-able at slow speed as well. So, if you want to make a fun time, play free online games on this website.

Games Games:

This website is having a fine collection of hot and popular games. This website is not overloaded with old and outdated games. They have set a benchmark by providing the visitors a refined collection of most wanted games. This is the reason that this website is very light weight and gets browsed very fast. I have found this website on number fourth while ranking websites which let you play free online games.

Addicting Games:

Whether you are a strategy based games lover or a sports games lover, an action game lover or fun lover; you will find the game of your interest on this website within no time. This website is containing a detailed collection of games in each and every category. Best point which drags me towards this website is the platform support ability of this website. You can also enjoy the customization of players here. You can be a part of multi-player games where people around the globe are participating and battling to win.


Pogo.com is a newer platform for people who are looking to play free online games. If you register on this website, they provide you free tokens, game access and prizes on winning games. While having fun, you can earn some dollars as well.

After reading this piece of writing, I hope you will be very well aware of the platforms which offer you to play free online games.

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