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Why How and Where to place Long Tail Keywords

Why How and Where to place Long Tail Keywords?

Under the wide umbrella of digital marketing, both organic and paid search engine optimization is involved. Organic and non- organic SEO has their own different dimensions that lead them towards achieving high website ranking. Now between these two parallel techniques there is one point similar that work best in both dimensions. Whether you are struggling to get high ranks through organic SEO either your efforts are directed towards artificial SEO or paid advertisement. The effectiveness of both techniques is dependent on the selection of long tail keywords.

The whole digital marketing revolves around the effectiveness of long tail keywords. Basically, the idea behind this is the pattern of google queries entered by the end users.

Here, in this post you will get to learn why, how and where to place long tail keywords?

What are long tail keywords?

The main single keyword when utilized in the form of a phrase accompanied with two or three words is said to be long tail. For example, outsourcing is a main keyword with lots of searches and high competition on the other hand its long tail could be “software outsourcing companies”, “benefits of outsourcing”, and “best outsourcing companies”.

All of these were the long tail keywords. Every industry has their own perspective keywords related to their key services or products.

Why to choose long tail keywords?

After understanding the basic behind long tail, now it’s time to answer why these keywords are important in SEO and Paid advertisements. For attaining more targeted audience the long tail work best in your campaign. The search engine will surely focus on your content as it will be closer to the end user search query. Such keywords are more sales oriented and there is a direct chance of maximizing return on investment rate.

Another benefit of adding phrases is that you won’t face much competition. There will be low competition and high search volume for most of the keywords making your visibility possible with a little more efforts. Where there is high competition the possibility of successful outcomes is also deprived.

Last but not the least point is that when you choose phrases for biding you will handle within low budget. Due to low competition you can opt for your desired phrase within low cost.

How to search long tail keywords?

There are many online paid or free tools available on web for searching long tail keywords. All you have to do is sign up or subscribe and type your desired keyword. Check completion and searched against that one and pick the one with low competition but high search volume.

The phrase should be relevant to your industry and the customer query.

Where to place long tail keywords?

Just like above mentioned points the right placement of your chosen keywords is also very important. There are proper rules and principles with reference to SEO for the placement of keywords. For highly effective results you have to work on them in such a way that they come naturally in your content. Artificially inserted keywords will surely be counted as spamming.

This was a brief introduction about the long tail keywords and its effect on ROI.