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Why Pay Per Click Advertising Slam into Failure

Why Pay Per Click Advertising Slam into Failure

When a business owner wants to be at first in the search results at any cost, then there is a need for paid advertisement. Pay per click advertising can bring immediate results through proper handling. It’s the game of right placement of accurately chosen keywords. An amazingly created PPC campaign can be the fastest way of generating desired traffic to your site. But it’s not as easy as it seems, you need to have proper understanding of running a successful PPC campaign.

 I have encountered many business owners discussing about their PPC failure. They are fed up of spending, because of no gain in response. Mostly they do receive traffic but without any conversion, which end up on lose. Here comes a question, why is that so? Well, there are some technical errors in your advertisement leading towards disaster.

For your assistance we have highlighted why pay per click advertising slam into failure…

Paid commercial like pay per click advertising is not something magical. You need to be vigilant and focused along with having ample knowledge of its core secrets. To avoid risks firstly you should have understand the following points explaining major mistakes most of the PPC experts made.

  • Wrongly chosen Landing Pages:

Pay per click advertising is very much dependent on landing pages. Linking your ads with the homepage of your website is the biggest mistake ever. Always link the product which you are highlighting in your ad. Any visitor who is clicking on your ad is interested in that specific thing and if the landing page is showing something different, visitor will surely leave immediately. This is a very basic point to ponder to avoid extra clicks.

Moreover, work hard on landing pages. Images should be optimized, layout should be attractive, check your content readability feature. There should be authentic product description.

  • Poor quality content:

Never underestimate the power of quality work. You ad should be accurately versed and spelled excluding grammar errors. It should be short, simple and catchy, so that once a person read couldn’t resist clicking on it. Ads should have clear information about product with proper keyword placement.

  • Careless selection of Keywords:

Keyword selection is not a cup of tea, spend quality time and go for the best possible option. Keep in mind that the story do not end up here, after selecting the keyword you have to choose the keyword matches. There are four options for depending upon the visibility of your ads against the search query. Broad match, Modified Broad match, Phrase match and Exact match. Exact match is the most appropriate among all these four options as it will bring a limited but relevant traffic resulting in higher conversion rate.

  • Outdated Stock Report:

If you have an Ecommerce site and want to run a pay per click advertising, then you need to be 10 times more attentive to your work. Be very confident about the stock report of landing pages. If the item is out of stock immediately turn off the campaign against that product. This will also end up on lose, as the traffic will be generated but no conversion rate in response.

  • Skipping the option of Negative keywords:

The option of negative keywords is a blessing of Google AdWords for PPC marketers. They can restrict keywords and as a result ad will not appear in resulting of those search queries. It will show your ad to the relevant audience which will help in saving a lot of money. Avoiding this precious tool can also cause failure.

So, these were the major mistakes which should be excluded from your pay per click advertising for acquiring high conversion rate. We will cover more about PPC in our future posts to give you a clear idea about how you can sort out these mistakes.