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Mobile Friendly Website – Good to Go Tips

With the massive spread of smart phones and tablets, internet surfing has evolved a lot. Day by day, new inventions are taking place in internet world. Games, apps and ecommerce have become viral for every age group. Decade ago, businesses were not even thinking about being mobile friendly because people were using desktops and laptops for ecommerce. But, nowadays, the survival of any business is tough if he is not thinking about being mobile friendly. Mobile commerce is taking place of e-commerce because people find it more convenient to shop via smartphones and tablets. It is necessary for each online business or even a blogger to develop mobile friendly website.

Easy Tips to Develop Mobile Friendly Website

At times, SMEs and even large enterprises which are unaware of mobile friendly sites, commit some mistakes while developing their own. So, here are some tips for you guys to develop a mobile friendly website.
Responsive Design:
First of all, you need to get responsive in your website design. This step reduces your development work up to 50 percent, almost. Mobile devices, smart phones and tablets are of different sizes. They vary in their height and width to each other. For this problem, you need to have responsive design which is flexible and get adjust automatically.
Independent Mobile Site:
Initially, people started to create a new website for mobile devices which was a wrong practice. You have to cut down your content and adapt it completely to support mobile view, but what to cut down? This was the most crucial question because all information of your website is important.
Moreover, it creates data redundancy. Your website got caught and penalized by Google for the act of plagiarism. So, instead of creating a separate standalone site for mobile devices, adapt your existing website for responsiveness.
Centralize your CTAs:
CTAs are the major point of focus of any website. Try to centralize them for your mobile friendly websites that users can easily click on it without mis-clicking here and there. Increase the size of CTA so that user can easily view it without getting confused of your website experience.
Readable Font Size and Colors:
You don’t know what is the size and resolution of user’s mobile screen. Make your font size fairly large to make it readable for the users. Also work on the font colors. It must be dark and prompting so that user can read your text without getting pressure on his eyes.
HD Images:
Last but not the least important factor is your images which you select for your mobile friendly website. Resize and reshape your images so that they do not get crunched for smaller screens. Moreover, your images must be high in resolution so that if user surf your site on comparatively bigger screen, it do not get pixelate.
I hope you will find these tips fruitful and helpful in developing your mobile friendly website. There are many more elements which you need to focus and work on while developing mobile site.

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