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List of 7 Common Google AdWords Mistakes to avoid

List of 7 Common Google AdWords Mistakes to avoid

The whole digital marketing revolves around hitting the right keyword through different websites. There could be social media platform or other online marketing strategies. The basic purpose is to focus on your brand’s niche to attract maximum potential customers. In this process Google AdWords plays a significant role. This ultimate online tool can be a blessing or curse depending upon your capabilities. To struggle in the right direction you are required to focus on the dos and neglect the don’ts.

For an effective Google AdWords campaign you have to deal with all the aspects that can directly or indirectly affect your results or conversion rate. A little negligence can cost you more than your affordability.

To assist you in making a perfect online marketing campaign we have provided the list of google AdWords mistakes to avoid;

  • Poor Keyword Grouping:

Google AdWords have an option of Ad groups where you can search for the relevant terms related to your major keyword. This will assist you in focusing the related terms along with the main keyword. In this way there will be more chance for higher ranking against that search query. Ad creation without considering google AdWords will be counted as a major mistake which should be avoided for effective online marketing campaign.

  • Miss-matched Keywords:

To hit the maximum conversion rate from your marketing campaign it is essentially important for you to choose the right keyword that exactly match up with your industry and targeted product or services. So that whenever the customer searches against that keyword your ad should be there at the top of SERPs.

Marketers often mistakenly choose the keyword with limited access instead of opting for the term that has a perfect and broader match with the searched term.

  • Overlooking Negative Keywords:

Another common Google AdWords mistake to eliminate from your task list is overlooking the option of negative keywords. This helps in making your campaign cost effective and extremely targeted. It will keep your ad away from irrelevant search results. Your ads won’t show up in search when customers will be searching against those negative keywords.

  • Unaware if statistics:

You cannot just relay on your creativity you have to work on checking the statistics. Keep an eye on the number of visitors and conversion rates after posting your ad. While creating your ad always pick the keyword with maximum searches and least competition. Always add the words that show a beneficial site of your product. An error free compelling ad is the one that grab the end user attention. So, strictly avoid random ad creation be particular in words selection.

  • Incomplete ad Material:

Ad should have complete details check check and recheck to avoid mistakes. Often marketers forget to ad hyper link or at times link with the wrong pages that will ruin your entire Google AdWords campaign.

  • Wrong strategy:

You can opt for two types of ads one is Pay per Click where you have to pay against every click. In another type you have to choose Pay per Impression. Where you agree to pay against every 1000 times your ad appears on the search results.

Marketers often mistakenly choose the wrong strategy and suffer badly. Always understand the pros and cons of both before opting for any of them.

  • Improper Positioning of Ad:

Last but not the least mistake to avoid is the improper selection of ad positioning. Always post the ad where maximum users can click on. This will enhance your Google AdWords campaign results.

This was the brief suggestions on avoiding mistakes while working with online marketing projects on Google AdWords.