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List of 50 Must Have SEO Tools

List of 25 Must Have SEO Tools To Watch Out

Everyone is striving for high ranking in google SERPs, and this is nearly impossible without SEO tools. Anyone having expertise in search engine optimization must have encountered countless tools to use for accomplishing desired results. Where there are limitless options there is always a question mark on authenticity. To overcome this ambiguity we have compiled an updated list of search engine optimization tools.

If you are searching for both paid and free SEO tools to opt for your ease, then I must assure you that you are one a right place. From searching a perfect keyword till checking your visibility along with competitors’ analysis, all will be covered within this post.

So let’s take a look to the list of 50 must have SEO tools (free and Paid)…

  1. Google Webmaster Tools:

Webmaster is an ultimate choice for inspecting your website. It helps in tracking your site performance and presence over google.  All you need to do is, just sign up and get connected to it.


  1. Google Analytics:

Sign up to google analytics and get authentic details about your website traffic. With the help of this tool you can track your customers and visitors to set further effective goals. Its basic account is free for advance services you can get updated premium account.

google analytics

  1. Google AdWords:

The most essential tool with an undeniable importance is Google AdWords keyword planner. It allows you to target the most searched keyword in your website content.

google adwords

  1. Google Trends:

Google trends are an amazing SEO tool, which helps in content marketing. You can explore any topic and check its popularity within your desired region. You can set location, time and also the category of your searched topic.

google trends

  1. 5: Moz:

Moz is an efficient SEO tool, it helps in monitoring your site and social media accounts from several aspects. It helps in making inbound marketing easy with their unbeatable tools.


  1. Majestic SEO:

This is the tool meant to find out the comprehensive and accurate details about backlinks. You can have their three types of premium accounts depending upon your need.


  1. nTopic:

When it comes to SEO, experts believe content is king. This is one of the most essential SEO tools. It allows you to publish improved content by analyzing it with respect to its relevancy to the topic. It suggest you alternative words along with excluding irrelevant terms.

ntopic seo

  1. Linkstant:

Get instantly notified with the new links to your website by signing up to this SEO tool.


  1. SEMrush:

SEO is nothing without competitors’ analysis; you can’t walk in your own domain without observing the competition around. This tool helps you getting aware of complete notes of your competing websites.


  1. WooRank:

WooRank is also one of the most important SEO tools. It helps you in examining your website like how search engine friendly it is. All you need to do is just enter your website URL and get a detailed report. This will help you overcoming the flaws by highlighting and suggesting solutions.


  1. Feedthebot:

Feedthebot is listed in the list of SEO tools, to let you help in assessing the names, alt text and also the dimensions of all the images pasted in your entered URL.


  1. Whitespark:

Are you interested in finding the best possible locations to get high ranks on Google? Then this is a perfect tool for you.


  1. QuickSprout.com:

Get a complete website analysis report covering most of the crucial parts of your site with this neatly designed SEO tool.

quick sprout

  1. Social Mention:

Website reputation means a lot in SEO. With unlimited social media users it’s not possible to stop people giving bad reviews. This can be handled with the help of this free tool. You can search for the keyword and monitor what people talk about your brand. In this way you can respond wisely to those bad reviews.


  1. Google PageSpeed Insights:

By just entering a URL, this tool will help you in checking your website loading time for both computer and mobile.

Google PageSpeed Insights

  1. Keywordtool.io:

Get more than 700 long tail keyword options against a single keyword with this enriched keyword tool.


  1. XML Sitemaps:

As its name indicates, this SEO tool helps in creating site map.

XML Sitemaps

  1. Find Broken Links:

Another important SEO tool, it assists you in searching for all the inbound and outbound broken links that need to be fixed.

Find Broken Links

  1. Copyscape:

Get aware of duplicate content to avoid adverse results with the help of this one of the efficient SEO tools. Simply enter your URL and get check result.


  1. Meta Tags Analyzer:

Meta tags analyzer allows you to get a complete report of all the Meta tags on your site. This will help in eliminating all errors by point them out.

Meta Tags Analyzer

  1. Keyword Density Checker:

Keyword density is an important factor that can badly harm your content if mishandled. So, with the help of this free tool you can check the keyword density. This will also suggest an ideal keyword density which needs to be followed.

Keyword Density Checker

  1. Robots.txt Checker:

These are the files, which help in keeping those pages hidden from Google spiders which should not be tracked.

Robots.txt Checker

  1. SEOmofo:

Review your listings in the same way as google shows them in search results. This will help you in optimizing content of Meta description.


  1. .htaccess URL Rewrite:

It helps in rewriting long URL in SEO friendly manner.

htaccess URL Rewrite

  1. Reciprocal Link Checker:

This is one of the SEO tools, which helps in checking mutual links. Means it will indicate with which site your website has shared link.

Reciprocal Link Checker

So, these were the top 25 SEO tools, which every digital marketer should have in his list of tools. Apart from these mentioned tools there are many other available options which need to be considered for best results of search engine optimization.