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Introduction to Google AdSense for all the Beginners

Introduction to Google AdSense for all the Beginners

Are you interested in making money online? Do you have knowledge of SEO?  Then you are a perfect fit for google AdSense. It is a part of digital marketing. Previously we have discussed various aspects of search engine optimization and social media marketing. Today, we have an entirely different approach to uncover the secret of making enough money with limited resources. SEO is often treated as a process to get high ranking but what next? Is it enough to get high ranks and wait for the typical sales and customers?

If you are having a quality content to attract any visitor and you provided services have a combination with products then you can earn much more with google AdSense.

Below are the points explaining the introduction of google AdSense for beginners…

What is Google AdSense?

When we talk about online advertisements, we have sides of a coin. One is the advertiser side and the other one is the publisher side and in between both, there is a mechanism handling both the corners smoothly. This is none other than Google. Google runs a complex mechanism to deal with the ads posting and publishing.

His efficient crawlers pick the right ads and post on the relevant sites and blogs. Now, if in real sense I define AdSense,

‘It deals with the publisher side, individuals having useful and quality content with significant amount of traffic can sign up with google to add google AdSense. In return google check out the link quality in all aspects and allow website to earn by publishing relevant ads’.

How to sign up for Google AdSense?

You can visit the website of google AdSense, there you will find an option to create a new google account or you can also move on with your existing account. There you can follow the step by step options for further procedure.

Once you have entered all information and started working on it, soon you will start getting paid against clicks or impressions of ads published on your site.

Criteria for successful deal with Google

Google has its own policies to maintain its image in front of its countless visitors. This is the reason why majority rely on Google instead of other search engines. When it comes to the google AdSense do not forget to read the criteria before moving ahead. You carelessness will surely leads you towards failure. This is why google have explained a couple of points to ponder if you are planning to earn money online with AdSense.

Following are the key points to consider…

  • Do you have an idea about the keyword search, density and relevancy?
  • Do you have a well-developed website or a blog?
  • Is your content unique and error free with authentic knowledge to grab the reader attention?
  • Do you have an appealing or fascinating blog design?
  • Is your website filled with ample text and images?

Though there is so much more to add here but this is the very basic criteria. Google do not allow everyone to work for publishing ads.


In our future posts we will also cover the other related topic to give you a complete idea about google AdSense.