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internet marketing communication

how do internet marketing communication differ from traditional marketing communication?

Internet marketing communication is a bit complex phenomena. Before going into its detail we must understand first the internet marketing. Internet marketing is a technique to use online methods for your business. Over the years the marketing strategies have changed and it has become very confusing for people.

The traditional marketing tools involves direct and indirect communication.some times traditional marketing communication becomes more costly. traditional marketing is a broad category which includes many types of marketing advertising methods. Traditional marketing communication uses the most typical methods we hear daily.they use print media,direct mail,telephone etc.

Internet marketing communication is almost equivalent to traditional marketing communication.it includes the off line and online world activities. The offline world would imply the public relations, advertising, personal selling.

The online marketing tools include the display ads, pay per click and search engine optimization.

Through this methods and internet marketing communication they are finding ways to sell and buy the products.

Comparison of internet marketing communication and traditional marketing communication:

Old media New media Comment
One to many communication model One to one or many to many communication model According to theory the internet is many to many medium, but for company to customer organizations communication, it is considered as one to one
Monologue dialogue It indicates that www or web is interactive in nature
Customer as a target Customer as a partner Customer has more input into services and products


Types of communication internet can develop:

  1. One to one communication
  2. One to many communication
  3. Many to many communication


One to one communication for internet marketing communication:

This kind of communication is linked with person to person.it is also called as Interpersonal or computer mediated model.it is a basis for personalized service and communication. Communication at personal level is done through this.

Offline interpersonal



Direct marketing

Online interpersonal



Online direct marketing

The trend is combination of online and offline communication. Following picture shows the internet one to one communication.


One to many communication:

Broadcast model:

This kind of model is used by agencies and firms for their communication. As the word say it is broadcast model. They are provided with content through a mass market of consumers.This model communicates to vast level and many users.It increases the communication and marketing as well.


Off line communication

Advertisements on TV, radio, news paper

Direct marketing, catalogs, mailing etc.

Online communication


Online advertisement

Video streaming and banner

Online direct marketing

The trend in this type of communication is combination of offline and online communication.

Many to many communication:

Hypermedia communication model.

Hypermedia communication model is the type of model which use world wide web and hyper text.Internet offers alternative to mass media communication. Some applications on the internet (eg personal home pages) represent narrow casting to the extreme, with content created by consumers for consumers.


Offline communication:


Co buying businesses

Sharing businesses

Online communication:


Web 2.0

Customer experience

Many to many communication gives this kind of output in internet marketing  communication.



overall there is as such no big difference between traditional marketing communication and internet marketing communication but the impact is very vast and very positive.we should consider the impacts before going towards any strategy.