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Exceptional guide for Targeted Keyword research

Exceptional guide for Targeted Keyword research

Keyword research is the focal point of Digital Marketing. All online marketers are struggling to find the best search word to target the potential customers. It is the keyword that can direct your website towards successful future. It is not about just attracting too many visitors towards your business link, but the philosophy is to get the right group of visitors. This can only be achieved when you are master in playing keyword game. There are many factors involved that could lead your efforts in a right way. Many websites are offering online tools to assist you in your keyword research. Most of them are even working for free.

To master the art of searching best keyword, below is an Exceptional guide for Targeted Keyword research

It will cover the following topics;

  • Basics of Keyword Research:
  • How to perform keyword research:
  • Evaluation of your targeted keywords:

Basics of Keyword Research

Before searching a keyword you should have the idea of basic concepts involved in this process.

  • Types of keywords:

Keyword search is mainly dependent on the type of keyword you have chosen for your campaign. Mainly there are three types of keywords, long tail keywords, short tail keywords and single keyword. Among all three types, experts advice to focus on long tail keywords to specify your keyword research process for acquiring maximum sales.

 For example; Shoes is a main keyword, white shoes is a short tail and cheap white shoes is a long tail keyword.

  • Search volume:

Search volume is also keyword research related term. While opting for your targeted search query you have to check out the search volume. This means you have to analyze how many people search against that specific word in search engine search bar.

Google ad-words show the no of searches against every keyword free of cost.

  • Competition Level:

Competition level stands for the people targeting your chosen word. The more competitors the more there will be difficulty in managing your campaign. High competition also carries high risk. This is why the best keyword is the one with high search volume and low competition.

How to Perform Keyword Research

Following are the steps involved in performing keyword research.

  • Identify your niche:

The basic step is to identify your business niche. The main idea or thought is supposed to be your niche, which you are about to target in your campaign. For example if you are running a software house; software is your niche and further the types of services are your main keywords.

  • Check Relevancy:

The second step is to check the relevancy of your keyword list with your website. Each and every targeted keyword should be exactly relevant to your services.

  • Sign up for Tools:

There are many online tools to assist you in your keyword research plan. Most authentic is Google ad-words. It is free and provides credible information.

  • Campaign against searched term:

To check relevancy you can check the ad groups. Ad groups show other related terms to assist you in finding the best targeted keyword.

  • Search for competitors:

At last, check how many people are working against your searched term to get an idea. This could be easily done in the search engine. The results will show you the number of companies targeting and how they are ranking.

Evaluation of your Targeted Keywords:

After starting your campaign, you just can’t let it go like this. This is the time when you have to shift your attention towards google analytics to evaluate the performance and results.


This was the brief guide to help you in searching the best desired keyword to achieve maximum sales and targeted audience.