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Games for Girls – Latest and Hot Games

Games are no doubt the best way to minimize stress and pass time in a better way. Games can change your mood instantaneously. Your dull and boring day becomes energetic and fun with a single game play. Girls have plenty of free time in their homes which they want to spend in a fun way. Their choice in games is quite different from boys.  Boys like more kind of racing and battle games, while girls prefer something cute and childish. For such girls, we have prepared a list of Latest and Hot games. These best games are pretty much hot these days depending upon their increasing number of download. So, here are top 5 Games for Girls.

Candy Crush – Games for Girls

I don’t know why but girls are mad for Candy Crush. This game makes the players addictive to it. Not only girls, but boys also love this. In this game you have to combine similar fruits to clear your level. As you cross levels, complexities increase. Candy Crush has been downloaded almost 500 million times till now. This game is free but some of the features are paid.
Candy Crush Games for Girls

Angry Birds – Games for Girls

Angry Birds was honored as the most rated game in 2014 and its fame has not got down yet. This is a game of revenge. Pigs have stolen the eggs of birds and birds are eager to take their revenge. Pigs have setup infrastructures to protect themselves but birds have to dig them out and destroy their infrastructures. With the increased levels, game becomes difficult.
Angry Birds Games for Girls

Fruit Ninja – Games for Girls

Although this game was launched couple of years ago but now a newer version has been introduced with better graphics and enhanced features. In this game fruits fall from the top and you have to slice them. Game is made interesting with the use of fruit speeds, special fruits, combo effects and blades.
Fruit Ninja Games for Girls

Farmville – Games for Girls

This game is about farming. You can harvest your favorite fruits and vegetables. While doing so, you can dig out some special hidden items which give you powers. In addition to harvesting, you can also do fishing and gardening. As farmers own some dogs for their farm protection, you can nurture your dogs in this game.
FarmVille Games for Girls

Quizz Up – Games for Girls

Quizzes and competitions have always been an area of interest for girls. It is the only game where girls can spend hours without even blinking their eyes. Questions and answers appear visually and you have to answer it within shorter time. It is not an individual game. You can have rivals in it. In this way, your skills and level of interest increases ultimately. This game contains a number of topics. You can choose your desired topic to get relevant questions. This game is best to enhance your IQ level as well as your knowledge.
QuizUp Games for Girls
This was the list which I found getting highest ratings from girls. If you are having some better suggestions, do not forget to share.

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