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Expert Advice on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Expert Advice on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a social network of professionals across the world. Many professionals are growing their business activities through this ultimate social networking platform. On LinkedIn you can have multiple ways to reach out, engage and build connections with your desired people matching your skill set. At present, it can be considered as a best source of lead generation. This is more like a career building tool both for employee and a company.

Through proper understanding about LinkedIn algorithm you can get the best leads for your business growth. There is not any rocket science involved anyone by following expert tips and techniques can master in lead generation.

Let’s take a look to the expert advice on LinkedIn for lead generation…

Before moving on, I would like to share the basic types of lead generation campaigns, which can be achieved through LinkedIn.

  • Paid advertisements categorized under LinkedIn sponsored posts or updates.
  • Promoting any of your product or service.
  • Growing professional network for engagement.
  • To get maximum like or comments.
  • For sales generation.
  • For publishing your posts or articles.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation:

Company page optimization is one of the best sources of lead generation. Once a questioned was asked to a famous social media marketer named Neal Schaffer;

“What are your top tips for a company to build an engaging and well optimized LinkedIn business page?”

According to Neal Schaffer,

“I have three tips for building a successful company page. Number one, attract followers and leverage company page status updates. Building company followers adds social proof and lends credibility to your company profile. These followers then see your updates and have the option to engage and amplify your messaging.

Number two, set up your page for success with SEO. For search engine optimization within LinkedIn, it really comes down to including keyword rich descriptions on your company page, product and services tabs, and representing your company everywhere you have operations. All of these elements are an essential part of the SEO approach.

Number three, break out each one of your products and services and get recommendations for each. Within each of those product and services tabs is another exercise in SEO. Whether you add a link to a landing page or embed a YouTube video, your company page needs to fully develop all of the real estate that LinkedIn provides.”

How to use lead generation for business growth?

For accomplishing business growth, lead generation can play a best role. Now you must be curious how to get benefited by this lucrative point.

“How can a business best take advantage of using LinkedIn for lead generation?”

According to Neal Schaffer,

“Well that leads into the general question; is LinkedIn for lead nurturing, lead generation or both? I consider it equally good for both and there are several ways a company can use LinkedIn for demand generation overall. The first thing to do is make sure every outward facing employee is active on LinkedIn. They should have a profile that is optimized because when people are looking at a company’s products and services, employee profiles are going to pop up in searches. Ideally each employee should have status updates about the company.

When it comes down to your prospective buyers and decision makers, it all depends on how they are using LinkedIn. These could be your present customers or brand advocates, and they can be people that forgot about you but are now suddenly searching for your brand because you popped up in their network updates. They’ll go to your page and that leads to conversations, which could generate new leads. I think it’s equally good for nurturing as it is for lead generation. Or it could be companies that you have never done business with before that discovers you through search results or from the status update of others in their networks. LinkedIn groups are great for demand generation as well. From a marketing perspective you can drive brand awareness and lead generation in groups. Moreover, groups are also a great place to have your sales and marketing people look for conversations that they can take offline.”


This is how lead generation can work for your business growth. I hope this will lend a hand to you in promoting your business on LinkedIn.

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