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Exclusive Off-Page SEO Tips for Blogging

Exclusive Off-Page SEO Tips for Blogging

Search engine optimization is majorly divided into two main parts, Off-page SEO and On-Page SEO. Both are incomplete without each other.  For all beginner bloggers we have covered the On-Page SEO tips for blogging in our previous post. As per our promise, here we are going to share exclusive off-page SEO tips for hitting the top most SERPs in Google.

I have covered all the basic familiar and advanced level Off-Page SEO techniques to assist you in attaining the best outcomes.  Before moving on towards the tips, I would like to mention that make sure that prior to these off-page tips you have completed the On-Page plan.

Let’s have a look to the below mentioned exclusive Off-Page tips for blogging …

Off- Page SEO is also meant to improve the visibility of your blog or website in the search engines just like On-Page SEO. Off-Page is basically aimed to get maximum back links from relevant and authoritative websites. In Off-page SEO search engine optimization you have to hit the top with guest blogging, link building, Forum posting, etc. It is an actionable process, the more you will practice the more you will get in response.

  1. Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques, which have been in practice since ages.  Still experts consider it useful for getting backlinks. To start guest posting the blogger need to keep three major points in mind;

  • Search for the relevant top ranked blogs.
  • Analyze the need of that chosen blog readers.
  • Provide quality based work.

Now, the question arises here, how to find the targeted blogs for content posting? Search with your keywords in different ways other than the typically practiced technique;” keyword” + “Guest blogging”. Add variety in your search and target the maximum opportunities. Make sure that your chosen blogs are working as winners not the losers.

  1. Presence on Social media:

Social media is one of the core ingredients of Off-page SEO tips. Off-page is undoubtedly incomplete without participating in social media platforms.  You can even take it as a first step of your process. For any blogger, presence on social networking sites is also helpful in online reputation management. Grab the most active social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest and now Instagram is also one of the leading social media platforms.

Once accounts have been created, you regular active participation is highly required for effective results.

  1. Blog Directory Submission:

Many experts deny the importance of directory submission. In my opinion anything that is responsible for increasing visibility of my blog is not useless. Basically, the effectiveness is directly based on that technique which you are following. While choosing directories make sure that they are active and frequently visited by users. Check out the most relevant categories to hit the maximum search results.

  1. Web 2.O Link Building:

All of the Off-page SEO tips are about getting backlinks. Link building through web 2.O sites is one of the most efficient techniques. You can create cross linking within your blog by linking one post with you own other posted article relevant to the second one. Apart from you have to get external links by sharing such a unique content that other sites which to share. You can create a blog on different web 2.O sites like, WordPress, etc. There you can share your content linked to your main site or blog.

  1. Forum Postings:

Off-page SEO also involves forum postings. This is also a helpful technique but if utilized carefully. Rapid and irrelevant forum postings often counted as spam. This will block your account, which will be unhealthy for further postings.

  1. Social Book Marking:

Once you have published your content you can share it on different content curation sites, and also on your personal social media accounts. This is known as social book marking.


These were the few effective techniques for managing off-page search engine optimization. While practicing all of these do not forget to check the relevancy, authenticity and authority of the site from which you are planning to get a back link.