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How to create an effective keyword research list

How to create an effective keyword research list?

After working with countless digital marketing projects I have learnt that there is one thing common and that is the importance of keyword research. Online marketing is all about keyword search and placement according to Google Algorithm. For successful online marketing campaigns about any project you have to be wise enough while making a keyword research list. This list will define your direction wrong keyword selection will ruin your efforts. You can use many online tools with extensive features to spruce up your keyword search.

I am sure you must be having exceptional ideas for searching the right keyword list. To update you with the latest ideas I have collected a list of incredibly effective keyword research strategies.

Following are the effective ways to build a fruitful keyword research list…

  • Put your feet in customers’ shoes:

When you are planning to market your product or services that you cannot stick to yourself. You have to think like a client or customer. Read their mind to target their need, your focus should be on their interest. Follow the words they are searching in the search engines. This can be checked in google instants.

You can also perform keyword research by analyzing customers manually. Observe what they are asking for in terms of products, services or content. This will surely help you in reaching out to their mind.

  • What search engine speaks?

Search engines are also somehow a keyword research tool. You can get countless ideas by searching in the search bar. There you will get many relevant terms associated with your basic search term. Utilize search engine for finding your desired keyword list.

  • Keyword tool is a blessing:

The most common and easiest way for keyword research is the utilization of online keyword tools available on different websites. The Google AdWords is considered as the most authentic tool for keyword search as it offers many other useful options for ads creation. But never rely on just one option always try to think out of the box. While searching on tools try to utilize all useful options to create a best keyword research list.

  • Check out the trends:

Google shows trends at the bottom of search results against every term. This is what you can take it as additional favorable option. Especially, for those who are creating keyword list for content marketing purpose should never miss this option. There you can find the latest topics for your posts. They can be counted as hot topics against your searched term.

  • Competitors’ analysis:

Besides above mentioned topics you can also chase your competitors. Search what they are targeting; pick their useful terms which you do not have in your keyword research list. This will be the most effective source of targeting maximum customers or visitors.


The keyword research is not a rocket science, all you need to do is simply focus on the products you are offering and compare them with the queries visitors are entering against those products. All you have to do is relate those search terms with the list of products you are selling. This is how you can target your customers effectively.