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Conversion rate optimization: How to double your conversions?

Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Double your Conversions?

The basic purpose behind every organization’s digital presence is business growth and enhancing customer reach. Developing a website and putting your efforts is all vain if your conversion rate is not optimized. Studies suggest that you have only 8 seconds to influence any website visitor. After 8 seconds, 96% visitors leave. If you fail to strike your website visitors in 8 seconds, you are never going to have him again. If your business is suffering from low conversions, this article is going to be a turning point for you.

We are going to provide you some hacks that would be increasing your conversion rate by 200%. We have analyzed couple of high performing websites and produced a list of actions which those websites are performing better than others.

Clear value proposition:

To double the conversion rate, you need to clearly communicate your value proposition within the first fold of your website landing page. Those websites which failed to identify a value proposition are suffering from lower conversions. Your value proposition could range from complete sentence to a single word. Website which have reached the optimum level of conversion rate optimization are using following few words to make their value proposition clear:

  • Easy
  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Customized
  • Personalized
  • Latest
  • Top

Interesting Call-to-Actions:

Impactful Call to Actions help you in converting your website visitors by compelling them to take an action. Call to Action does not mean a single button leading towards your desired landing page. It is, in fact, a complete new box containing some text, form and button which stands out in between your website text. You can incorporate a CTA within the content or sidebar. Below is the image of a perfectly designed CTA.


Try out Multiple Headlines:

There are no shortcuts. You cannot run away from testing multiple design and text trials. To compare your results to the past results, you need to perform testing on regular basis. Your first fold of landing page must include a heading enclosing the pitch line. Research suggests that a right headline can increase your conversions by 37%. Keep on changing your headline on regular basis during your testing phase. Stop using those headlines which are not converting.

For example, if you provide web development services, you can try following headlines;

  • Improve your Sales with online presence
  • Get an SEO optimized Website to rank higher
  • Grow your business with a new website

These three headlines fulfills the same need with different perspectives.

Make Shorter Contact Forms:

Website with lengthy or complex contact forms are performing poor as compared to websites with simpler and shorter forms. Many websites enjoyed high conversions by removing the CAPTCHA option on their contact forms. People assume that removing CAPTCHA can result in spam emails but that’s not true. You can further simplify the contact medium by enabling an Instant Chat option. By starting a conversation yourself, you can convince the visitor to speak up.

Bottom line:

These were few conversion optimization tricks being used by the industry leaders. You can develop your own cases and perform A/B testing for an improved conversion rate.