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Bringing traffic to your website with Organic SEO

Bringing Traffic to Your Website with Organic SEO – Organic SEO Techniques To Rank Websites Higher

Organic SEO is the proven road map to generate traffic for any website. Usually, people do not understand the basics of SEO and start working on black hat techniques to bring thousands of visitors on daily basis. Google is ruling the SEO industry. Every year, SEO professionals come up with some hacks to rank higher in google SERPs in shorter span of time. But, google comes up with an out of the mind update to bring the results to their actual state. In 2008, google launched its first search engine update aimed to remove duplicate content, then google upgraded to spam links removal and now it’s working on some other advanced methodologies.

This article is intended to make people aware of the importance of Organic SEO.

Paid Marketing versus Organic SEO

Many website owners and SEO professionals are relying mainly on Paid marketing techniques like affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, endorsements and paid guest post links. Paid marketing efforts provide you short term results while organic SEO is lifetime. The ranking of any website in google search results depends 10% on paid SEO and 90% on organic SEO. In starting, paid SEO will definitely provide you better numbers in terms of traffic but that’s not ongoing. It stops as soon as you stop spending money. In long run, organic SEO provides you the most relevant traffic. Organic SEO is a push start and go slow strategy as compared to paid SEO.

Social Media Marketing:

In recent decade, social media marketing became the major tool to bring organic traffic. In SMM, you get the relevant traffic to your website by posting your links on different social media platforms. The visitor’s engagement contributes in branding of your business. Social media is the medium to optimize visitor’s attraction. The design and development of your website plays a secondary role in gaining visitors attention. By engaging your fans on social media, you can convert your website visitors into loyal customers. In long run, social media is the key to stay connected to your customers and website visitors.

You can perform paid marketing on popular Social Medias like Facebook, twitter etc. It helps you in increasing your audience. You can market to your look alike audience to get the most relevant website visitors.

Content Marketing:

Content is the king. Focus on your keywords before outlining any marketing strategy for your website. Your content can bring you on top of the google SERPs within days if you are targeting your desired keywords and optimizing your content according to that. Write healthy on page content to let google and visitors know they are at the right place. To promote your content, avoid spamming the links on social media and bookmarking sites. Keep your links centered towards your focus keywords so that potential visitors know where they going.

Bottom line:

To enhance your website visibility and attain the highest possible traffic, always rely on organic SEO and unpaid marketing efforts. They provide you sure shot results.