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Black Hat SEO Tools and Techniques to Avoid

Black Hat SEO Tools and Techniques to Avoid

Search engine optimization is a set of clearly defined rules and fair tactics to follow. Every step and style revolves around the satisfaction and convenience of the end user. Black hat SEO begins, when the person starts focusing on rapid high ranking through wrong ways and shortcuts. This is actually a violation of search engine rules. This is just a short time joy, because search engines are wise enough to catch such rule breakers.

Following are the Black Hat SEO Tools and Techniques to Avoid…

For every white hat SEO technique, there is a black hat alternative method. These are severely damaging for your online visibility in the long run. So, let’s take a look…

  • Paid Links:

Link Building is an off page SEO technique, inbound links make your website more authentic and improve your ranking. But, if this useful method will be misused,
In terms of buying inbound links this will surely be a black hat SEO technique. These links are mostly irrelevant that could adversely affect your efforts.

  • Duplicate Content:

 Content is a major part of SEO but if this tool is badly utilized, it can become a worst thing ever. People often use online tools to rephrase the existing content of other blogs. Just stuffing your site with content is not the only thing to focus on, instead there is a need to produce unique and relevant content.

  • Fake Comments:

 People often give fake reviews and comments from fake social profiles and ids to rapidly increase visibility in search engine. This is also counted as Black Hat SEO. This should also be avoided, as it will ruin your progress if caught by google. This will be counted as spamming, which can panelize your website.

  • Link Farming:

 In Link Farming professionals reciprocate inbound links. This is often promoting the poor quality content and somehow irrelevant as well. Many SEO experts still think that link farming is not a black hat technique but in real sense it breaks the fair policy of getting inbound links.

  • Cloaking:

Cloaking is also a black hat SEO, it happens when you create two contents one for the crawlers and other for the readers. The one created for the google crawlers (Meta data) or bots is relevant to the search engine query but the one created for the human is completely irrelevant. This is truly a violation of SEO fair policies and google algorithms.

  • Hidden or Invisible Text:

 Hidden or invisible text is the keyword stuffing in such a way that it can be detected by the crawlers but the reader won’t find it in the content.

  • Keywords Over Stuffing:

 Filling up the content with relevant over stuffed keywords is actually a bad idea for getting high ranking. This will be alarming for your website and extremely risky.

  • Fake Social Profiles:

Social media is one of the most important components of Off-page SEO. But, if misused can cause difficulty in many ways. Fake profiles when get blocked can stop all your ongoing efforts existing clients and will end up on bad reviews and spamming.
I will conclude my discussion here; with just a simple statement never put your honest efforts in Black Hat SEO, because it is worst for your business in the long run.