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Best Software Houses in Islamabad, Pakistan - 2017 list

Best Software Houses in Islamabad, Pakistan – 2020 list

Pakistan is a developing country so labor rates are fairly low as compared to other developed countries. Pakistan has emerged to be a hub for business process outsourcing in which IT outsourcing is at top. You can find a huge number of software houses in Pakistan which are operational in different cities and regions. Here, in this article, we are going to list down some of the best software houses located in Islamabad Pakistan. As Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan so you can find some highly reliable and well established setups here.

Top Software Houses in Islamabad, Pakistan

  1. Ovex technologies:

Ovex Technologies falls among the best software houses of Pakistan. Ovex provides a wide range of software solutions including website development, mobile apps development, enterprise applications development and desktop applications development. Ovex is having its multiple branches located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Ovex Technologies not only provides software solutions but also serves the international clients in HR, Accounts and Call center outsourcing.  They have started many ventures to cater each of its target market and market needs.

  1. TRG Tech:

TRG tech is another best software house which provides a diverse range of IT solutions that include: design and development, System integration, System automation, Engineering and testing services. This software house is having a high standard of quality assurance and quality control which helps the organization to provide error free systems to their clients.

  1. Elixir technologies:

Elixir technologies provide support services to HR and Operations department. It provides IT solutions to cut down operational cost and streamline HR activities. It is an international software house which is also having its offices located in US and UK.

  1. NetSol Technologies:

NetSol Technologies is a software development organization who is serving a number of international clients. It provides IT enabled and automated software solutions to customers. In addition to it, NetSol also provide consultation services in which it covers reviews, testing and analysis of multiple systems and applications.

  1. MindStorm Studio:

MindStorm Studio is one of the best game development companies in Pakistan. MindStorm has developed many games of different levels and natures. They are having a diversified group of developers with different skill sets starting from beginner level to Expert level.

  1. Ovex Software:

Ovex Software is renowned for its design and development services. It is also known as Ofactory. This organization provides multiple design and development services like Graphic design, web design and development, software development, application development and game development. Ofactory is also providing digital marketing, branding and social media services.

  1. Systems Limited:

Systems Limited is one of the top performing software houses and BPOs which is facilitating governmental organizations as well. It provides IT solutions to countless private corporates in addition to a few government organizations.

This was the list of best software houses according to our studies which are based in Islamabad Pakistan and performing well in the industry. If you are having some suggestions and want us to add up in our list, you can reach us via the comments section given below.