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organic SEO vs non organic SEO

What is best Organic SEO vs Non- Organic?

Search engine optimization is basically working on your website to get high ranks for increased visibility in SERPs. This was the basic concept; furthermore SEO (search engine optimization) can be divided into two major categories. One Organic SEO and other one is Non-Organic SEO. When it comes to organic SEO it is the natural way of showing your website in the search engine. The site will be visible after working approximately 7 to 8 months. On the other hand non-organic SEO refers to paid advertisements. All you need is to pay and immediately get the desired ranking.

Following arguments will prove what is best organic SEO vs non organic,

Firstly I will explain the basic concepts involved in both organic SEO and Non-organic SEO. In conclusion you will find expert opinion explaining, which one of them work best for your online business.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is almost free of cost but all you need is to invest in the right resource person who could handle your work efficiently. It is a long term process with countless details.  It is basically divided into following two types;

On Page SEO:

No matter you have an ecommerce site or a blog? Even if you are service provider all such can be marketed on web through organic SEO. For that in On-page you have to work on the keyword search and selection, you have to follow all the search engine algorithms, work best to provide user friendly content. Basically it is all you do with your website including Meta data (Meta tags and Descriptions). Moreover, the On-page SEO is associated directed with your website optimization.

All you have to do right according to the user benefit. Your landing URLs, Page Layout and the website expected errors, all need to be represented according to SEO rules and regulations set by the search engines.

Off Page SEO:

Off-page SEO is restricted to your social presence on different social media platforms. The work you do to gather inbound and out bound links. In other words the Off-page SEO is all about link building with the websites having high google ranking. Off-page SEO majorly covers blogging, social media marketing, link building, forum posting, profile submission to web 2.0 sites and forum postings. These were the major efforts asked by off-page SEO.

Non-Organic SEO

When we talk about non- organic SEO, it works for acquiring the same results as in Organic SEO but in a different way. Here, the paid advertisements are made to get immediate high ranks in the search engine results. This is perfect when you have a lot to pay for a long time. The moment you will stop investing you will lose your visibility. Majorly, it is divided into following types;

Pay Per Click:

You search for a perfect keyword and pay against that keyword for every click. Your ads will appear in the search result, you can set filter for location and other domains. This will grow your immediate sales if your website or contact is fairly linked.

Pay Per Impression:

In this type you are supposed to pay against as many times your ad will appear in the search engine. For example, you will pay for per thousand impressions.


According to SEO experts, there is no point on the effectiveness of both organic SEO and non-organic. The point that matters is which one is suitable in your case. If you have ample time and want to invest limited amount that Organic SEO is the perfect option. On the other hand, if you can afford and eager to get immediate leads then paid advertisement is unbeatable.