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How to become a Professional Web Developer

How to become a Professional Web Developer?

Stats have shown impressive numbers collected from the online job portals. There are countless jobs for a web developer from beginner to expert level with handsome pay packages. Sounds great! So why not to tune up your future towards the most demanding and growing profession? For becoming a professional web programmer you are truly not restricted to score any degree from well reputed institution.  It is solely dependent on your skills, which can be learnt on your own.

There are number of ways that can transform you into a professional coder with ease without costing a penny. All you need is to have an enthusiastic mind and a self-confident sole to cross the road.

Below are some of the ways that can teach you, How to become a professional Web developer …

I have covered all those ways which can help you becoming an expert web developer without seeking help from any institution. Before moving further make sure that web development is not a rocket science, anyone with a passion in heart can learn with the help of following ways.

  1. What is the area of your interest?

Web development is not just limited to one thing, to become a web developer you need to pick and choose the area of your interest. There are many languages and techniques of coding once you will start reading books and articles on it you will end up confused, frustrated and fed up of this arena. So, it is very important for you to decide one thing to start from scratch.

If you are not familiar of the area that excites you in web programming, then I will recommend you to go with the most commonly used technologies like PHP and JavaScript.

  1. From where to get the guidance?

Web developers around you might give you tones of advices and suggestions. Trust me, this will surely demotivate you. Instead of discussing with others start searching for the perfect and reliable medium of learning after deciding the technology. You should have a mentor to follow a person who is your well-wisher and have command on professional coding. He will surely help you out at every step.

  1. Top online web development schools?

For every beginner or expert level web developer, it is very essential to get familiar with the top 5 websites offering incredible tutorials and guides about web development. These include;

They provide complete guidance on front and back end development. A beginner web developer can easily follow their instructions.

Another source of coding learning through incredibly designed helpful video tutorials. Treehouse covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript and also Ruby, PHP and mobile applications both for Apple and Android.

Bloc is an amazing online school with lucrative features for every web developer. Live video chats with mentors along with exceptionally delivered lectures on different topics make this option perfect for every beginner web developer.

Codecadmy is also an online web development school for the basic learners. The most exciting feature in this option is that it provides a real time experience to its users. Learners can check out their work within a blink of an eye after entering codes.

Ending up the top 5 online coding schools on a website named as “Thinkful”. It provides many video tutorials along with giving tests or challenges to its students to check their efforts.

  1. What to do with the online tutorials?

Once you have visited all the top online coding schools. Now, start learning by following the policies of the chosen website. Normally, there is a trial version and then for further learning you can subscribe for premium account.

  1. Why evaluation is essential?

After learning the basic codes, practice on daily basis to get command on them. Once you think you have got a grip on your first skill. Do not leave your self here; test yourself by working on your first project. Ask professional for evaluation or critical analysis to mark your mistakes for future perfection.

  1. Are you ready for professional work?

Now when you have covered all the above stages one by one, it is time to put your hands on your first professional project. Be careful at every step because this will be helpful in scoring further projects.

So, these were the few tips which can show you the path of your professional web development career. Now anyone with a wish in heart can become a web developer.