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9 Tips for a Perfect Graphic Designer Portfolio

9 Tips for a Perfect Graphic Designer Portfolio

Most of the professional graphic designers make this mistake. They spend least time and efforts in creating a perfect portfolio. Nothing is more important than compelling representation of your work and expertise. Perfect graphic designer portfolio is nothing that came into being on its own; it is something asking special attention. Just a bundle of images of uneven sizes is not all.

Graphic designer portfolio is supposed to be his professional story represented in terms of images and text. It should be a collection of your best in an organized, fascinating and accessible way.

To assist you in your graphic designing career growth this post is provided with the most effective points you need to focus on while crafting your design portfolio.

Below are the points explaining 9 Tips for a Perfect Graphic Designer Portfolio …

  1. Introduce yourself:

Add depth in your portfolio with an introduction page. Write an engaging story covering your past experiences and study background. There should be your personal picture on the top right corner, because it will make your story 10 times more interactive.

  1. Represent the best of you:

Review all you work twice and pick the best among all. Pick and choose variations in your work to influence to viewer with your expertise in multiple skills. Do not compromise on quality, neat and clean work is always fascinating and compelling.

  1. Maximum no of projects to include:

Include maximum 8 to 10 best projects with intricate designs and attractive color scheming. The more projects you will add the more cluttered your portfolio will be in appearance. Go for the quality not quantity. The selected 8 to 10 projects should cover all your skills in terms of practical experience.

  1. Project Validity:

Though, it has been considered that

“Old is Gold”

Unfortunately, this is not appropriate in the case of designing a graphic designer portfolio. Try to avoid the work done before 3 years. Latest projects are more in demand, bring them into account.

  1. Add up brief description:

Do not forget to add brief description explaining the purpose of each of the added project. Adding case studies with illustrations will be just like adding spice for garnishing. Graphic designer portfolio can become more interesting with such small additions.

  1. Choose a Best Design:

There are many websites offering free portfolio templates. You can pick the best design that suits your work the most. While making graphic designer portfolio don’t forget to focus on design. This is the priority component of your portfolio.

  1. Share your Personal Work:

Sometimes designers create some work for their personal grooming that will be best to add with the existing professional experience. No matter it’s a monogram or any small piece of work fix it with the other projects and share your idea behind that creation.

  1. Keep it well Organized:

Graphic designer portfolio can’t be well organized, if your images are not in harmonized sizes. Organize it in grid format as it is more appealing and fascinating.

  1. Update Regularly:

Once graphic designer portfolio is created try to update it regularly with innovative work.

These were the few points guiding about crafting a graphic designer portfolio.