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9 Latest Web Designing Trends to Watch in 2016

9 Latest Web Designing Trends to Watch Out in 2016

To win the game you have to walk ahead of time instead of sitting behind. People love to watch out new and latest, to grab their attention you have to create exclusive ideas in collaborated with the latest trends. Design has a nature of evolving with the passage of time. Especially, when we are talking about web designing, there is a rapid advancement. This year 2016 will bring so many exciting trends for all designers out there. To spruce up your portfolio and demand in professional market it is very essential to learn all these trends and get a strong grip on them to create the best possible design.

In this post after careful research I have collected 9 latest web designing trends to watch in 2016…

  1. Latest Web Designing Tools:

Though, there are many online graphic designing tools available with advanced features. Currently, the most commonly used tools are Affinity, Pixate, Sketch, Avocode and Infogram.  Experts are recommending using these tools as they are created after keeping the latest trends of web designing in 2016.

  1. Unique Page Layout and UI Design:

In 2016 every designer will try to create something unique and user friendly. There will be challenging situation for all experts to design functional layout with all useful features assembled nicely in an appealing style.

  1. Box and Wide designs:

Box and wide designs are also becoming famous and a part of latest trend. Professionals are opting for parallax designs under the category of wide designs to bring uniqueness in their work. On the other hand under the head of box design metro designs are very much in trend this year. Web designing seems to be evolving into a completely different style.

  1. Responsive Design:

Responsive designs are treated as an advanced form as it makes your site compatible to every smart phone tabs and I pads making your work accessible for everyone. Presently, every website is supposed to own responsive web design.

  1. Menu / navigation Styles:

Extremely complex or confused navigation is no more in trend. Simple header with easy to understand navigation bar seems to be the best option.

  1. Animations:

Animated backgrounds and images with motion animations are popular at the moment in time. Many experts recommend these animated images as an attention grabbing tool.

  1. Typography

Complex typography with stylish fonts is also a part of latest trends. You might have seen many websites having main image designed with typography. There are many designs available that can be utilized for typography.

  1. Unlimited Color Options:

Currently, vibrant color schemes are mostly applied in web designing. All famous frameworks and readymade themes are majorly focusing on such colors to create an eye catching design.

  1. WordPress Templates:

It is not possible for any designer to miss out the huge variety of WordPress templates. Instead of customized web designing designers are more influenced by these exclusively designed templates.

These were the 9 latest trends in web designing to look out in current year to groom your skills with advanced technology and tools.