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7 Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

The emerging trends in IT are growing rapidly in Cross Platform direction. As the startup companies are also moving towards mobile development, the experts are struggling to find and explore new innovative ways for development. Many tools are available to make your mobile development tasks easier and well organized. All of the cross platform tools have their own specifications. Each of the tools is suitable for many different projects depending upon your need.

Following are the 7 Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools…

Below are the tools with brief description and features about the cross platform which will surely be helpful in mobile development. Once a tool is selected it is easy to design and develop the mobile apps.

  1. Sencha:

Sencha is a mobile development tool; it helps in creating apps in html5 pattern.  Designing an app without a tool will spend excessive time and resources. With this exclusively developed tool the tasks of months can be covered within a couple of weeks.  It is compatible with almost all devices.

  1. PhoneGap:

Adobe owned many innovative and best software programs Phone Gap is one of them. This is a tool designed for assisting in mobile development. It is a free tool and is helpful in translating the codes from Html5, Java script and CSS.

With this tool the app development become easier and once created you can share it with your team members. Sharing can make the improvement much convenient. This tool not only develop apps for android and IOS but will also be compatible for developing blackberry also.

  1. Appcelerator Titanium:

Appcelerator Titanium is also an app development tool, making your mobile development activities more advanced with its unique features. The best thing about this tool is that it is designed in open source software. This means that there are many opportunities for new developments from different expert developers.

  1. Unity 3D:

Mobile development is not just limited to the apps you can also create best entertaining games with the tools. Unity 3D is a game development tool that can let you design your own game idea with unbeatable graphics quality.

It is not provided with only basic options but you can also perform intricate functions for advanced game version with this ultimate tool.

  1. Corona:

Game development is not just associated with the Unity 3D, in fact you can have a better experience with corona. It is a tool with 2D graphics to assist you in designing games of your choice. Once you will download you do not need to wait any further for coding.

  1. Xamarin:

Just app development is not all; once an app is developed there is a need for testing, monitoring and overviewing. Xamarin is a development tool that is best for this requirement. It will give you a chance to test your created app over 1000 devices.

  1. 5App:

Last but not the least in the list of mobile development tools is named as 5App. This is based on resolving security issues and can be easily circulated within the company for the employees. Because, this app is supposed to be designed for the employees of the companies for better work environment and improved productivity.

These were the above listed mobile development tools.