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5 Topmost Games to teach your kids how to code

5 Topmost Games to teach your kids how to code

We are all a part of tech driven world. Being a part of rapidly growing technological environment it is our primary need to take our kids with us in this race. We cannot leave them unaware of the latest trends. This will surely be unjustified for our next generation, which is even more interested towards technology. No matter you keep it as a matter of earning bread or simply a part of gaming, it is extremely important to expose your kids towards learning skills. This could be done from the topmost games providing chance to learn coding in terms of solving the puzzle.

Such challenging games are far better than exposing them to the cartoons all day. Experts have designed many exciting games for kids ranging from 4 to 12 years to let them learn the basic to advance level of coding.

I have collected the following 5 topmost games to teach your kids how to code…

Each of the game will let your kid explore the new ways and innovations in the field of information technology. So, transform your kid’s free time into a quality learning hour with the following topmost games.

  1. Code Monkey Island:

Code Monkey Island is an exciting family game designed and created by 23years old brilliant programmer proudly listed in the topmost games. He aimed to teach the basic programming rules and tactics to the kids between 8 to 12 years old. This game comprises of easily understandable rules, which can be learnt within a couple of minutes and the game continues till 45 to 50 mins.

School children can get the basic about syntax from this unbeatable game.

  1. Cargo-Bot:

Moving on to the next among the topmost games, it is named as Cargo- Bot. Let you kids expose to the challenging and intricate programming skills with this amazingly created game. It is developed for the kids above 5years. Listed under the IOS category, the best thing about this game is that it is free to access and play.

Once your kids master this game they will be aware of most of the basic to advanced level programming skills.

  1. Ludos:

Similar to the cargo-bot this game is also compatible to IOS operating system. The game is best for the kids between 5 to 10 years. This game aimed to teach the young once a set of basic programming skills in an easy and exciting way. This is just like a real time coding experience for the young players.

This game covers the programming skills like sequencing, debugging and also the planning.

  1. Kodable:

Kodable is also among the topmost games that can work as a coding teacher to your kids. This is a perfect fit for the kids above 6 years till the age of 10. This IOS compatible game is available in two versions including the basic free and the premium. The user can play up to 45 levels for free.

  1. Machineers:

It is the best among all the above mentioned games. Machineers is designed for the kids belong to the age group between 8 to 12 years. It is provided with a free demo to unlock further you can purchase the pro version. Within the game players are supposed to repair the broken machines by entering the programming codes that matches the situation. Machineers is a perfect source of learning for the junior programmers.

Must let your kids expose to these topmost games for learning the basics of coding and programming for their better future and a productive today.