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5 Secret concepts of advanced On-Page SEO

5 Secret concepts of advanced On-Page SEO

There are many guidelines and tutorials available about On-page SEO on different blogs. All have their own mode of explanations. The point to ponder here is that they all are discussing one and the same thing. On-page SEO is not just linked to the basics concepts, it is a way more than this. This is why we often miss the advanced details that are extremely essential to be notified.

Today in my post I have added some of the unseen concepts about On-page SEO. Once you will get to know these incredible secrets, you will surely enter into an advanced world of On-page search engine optimization.

Let’s take a look to the 5 Secret concepts of advanced On-Page SEO …

  1. Term Frequency- Inverse Document Frequency:

The short form is TF-IDF, the beginners on-page SEO professionals often get confused by this term and relate it with keyword frequency.  It is not a keyword density; in fact it has its own separate concept behind.  TF is newly derived concept in google algorithm. It refers to the measurement of amount of keyword appears in a document and its comparison with the total number of words. This can be utilized as a tool to keep you safe from spamming while doing content marketing.

  1. Phrase Based Indexing :

Previously there was the concept of keyword stuffing in such a way that it looks natural in document and that’s it. Now you cannot just limit yourself to the keywords. There should be addition of relevant phrases and terms that can help google in indexing more quickly.

For example, if you are writing on a keyword “web development “ try to add relevant terms which are associated with web development. Like web developers, software development, web design etc.

  1. Segmentation of Web Page:

Websites have many web pages and each of those webpages is divided into different segments. These segments majorly include; header, footer, main body and also side bars. Here the reason to share this is we have to be careful while placing the keywords.  Google give value to the segment where keyword exists. Mostly main body can be considered as the focal point.

  1. Related or Variant Terms:

Synonyms play a vital role in google search engine. Google have a sea of knowledge in response to our queries. Once you search for any terminology you will get results based on that exact word and also its synonyms. Google shows the exact or most relevant results against your searches because of these synonyms. This is why using related terms along with the keyword is more favorable as compared to sticking with the same one keyword.

  1. Keyword Utilization:

This point forces you to add up your keywords in the most key areas. These include the main body, alt text, in the URLs and also in the main headings added to the content. Right keyword placement will influence the ranking and visibility of your website in a positive way.

These were the 5 advanced On-page SEO concepts which are often neglected in various online guides. I hope these tips will improve your keyword analysis in future.