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5 Incredible facts about digital marketing in 2016

5 Incredible facts about digital marketing in 2016

At present, people from all age groups spend more time on internet as compared to socializing or something. This changing behavior of people brings an idea of shifting real tangible shops towards online selling portals. Almost every businessman started thinking to have website with high ranking on search engine. This trend is now a necessity in the year 2016. This is why; Digital marketing is becoming essential for every online business. Today, almost every online business owner has an idea about the importance of digital marketing.

With the passage of time the digital marketing is also advancing towards complexity. This is the reason why I have chosen this topic today to explore the hidden facts and stats for you to give you an idea about digital marketing in 2016.

Following are the 5 incredible facts about Digital marketing in 2016…

Mobile conversion rate:

  1. The first thing to mention here is about the mobile conversion rate. This year will sure bring the rise in 2016.

“Mobile conversion rates across search, social and display have had an annual growth of circa 32.9% (search), 51.2% (social) and 34.7% (display). Following the ‘Google mobile friendly’ update, Google has announced that ‘more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.’

Facebook messenger:

  1. Facebook messenger, you wouldn’t have thought to use it professionally but in 2016 it will play a vital role because of its increasing users.

“According to Facebook, Facebook Messenger now has 900 million monthly users, adding an extra 100 million from January 2016! If there was ever a time for a social media marketing plan, we would say it was now!”

Link building:

  1. People will be surely quality conscious in terms of link building to get high google ranking. This is all because of google latest updates.

“Link building is a key factor of Google’s ranking algorithm because it conveys trust and credibility for your website. This is a key area, that carried out incorrectly can have a damaging effect on businesses i.e. linking to a high amount of irrelevant links will affect a websites reputation with Google.”

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. SEO will be the most key part of digital marketing. There will be more spending on search engine optimization.

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a trend that is hot in 2016 and is responsible for driving a high percentage of traffic to websites from Google (when done correctly). SEO includes: keyword optimized content, links, website design & navigation and competitor analysis – to name just a few!”


  1. There will be major focus on the quality of content and website to place an unforgettable impression.

“First impressions count. 2.6 Seconds is the time it takes for users’ eyes to find a section of a website that influences their first impression.

In a recent study, Google found that websites that followed general conventions and had low visual complexity were perceived as highly appealing and created a positive first impression with users. Read our blog to find out how Google views your website…”


So, this was all about incredible facts associated with the digital marketing 2016.

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