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5 Most Hated Video Games Around the World

5 Most Hated Video Games Around the World

You must be surprised how video games can be hated. Well! This is true when there is a list of most desired games then why not to highlight the most hated games.  Everywhere on the web you will find many updated cheat sheets suggesting the best games to play. Those who are true game lovers must be eager to know the games which were disliked.

Some of them were hated due to their characters, some were disliked because of graphics and other functionalities and most of the games were also poorly rated just because of the theme the acts which the main game character was supposed to play. People also rate games on the basis of the challenges involved. Though there is a demand to play on a toughest scale but still there should be attainable goals.

Without wasting a moment let us check out the list of 5 most hated video games around the world…

  1. Revolution X (SNES):

Revolution X (SNES) is a video game launched in 1994; it falls in arcade video games category.   It is themed on a rock band Aerosmith. To win the game, you have to find the lost members of this rock band. There is a battle going on throughout the game. Though, it seems pretty much interesting but actually it was badly rated.

Players found it bad because they wished the lady band member named Helga sought out the issues and fights to smoothly end up the game. This was also believed that instead of Aerosmith it would have been better to name it differently.

  1. Ride to Hell Retribution:

As its name indicates, Ride to Hell Retribution is an action and adventure game. It was published in September 2014. Many people have rated it as a worst game ever. This is why I included this game in my most hated game list. Immediately, after launching the game was criticized by the players due to the poor dressing sense of the character. The voice and other graphics were also not good to go with.

It has poor functionality and game control.

  1. Motor Bike:

The Motor Bike is one of the poorly designed video games. The price was $14.99 and it was simply wastage of money and time. I must say you are lucky, if you haven’t tried it yet. Poor levels and badly operated features make it worst of all. It is provided with lots of bugs and issues. There are many other games available free of cost better than this one. Then, why to opt for this paid one.

  1. Family Party:

It is a family game and is designed for all age groups. This game is also listed in the hated games because of its poor graphics. There is other boring stuff included in this video game, which makes it more under rated. The small video games associated with the parent game will create prolonged ending, this was also the cause of poor ratings.

  1. Elf Bowling 1 & 2:

At last there is Elf Bowling 1 &2 as it named, it depicts the boring factor involved in this video game. The game does not have any exciting feature, which could excite the gamer. The poorly dressed characters, badly designed theme was not appealing and attractive.

So these were the top 5 poorly rated video games.