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5 Best SEO Tips in 2016

Either you are having an E-commerce site or a WordPress blog, you need SEO to get results out of your efforts. Although there are many factors which contribute in your website’s SEO but some of them are crucial. There are many online tools and services available which guide you towards the subject and provide you best SEO tips. But, trends keep on changing time to time. With every Google update, we get a new list of SEO factors with changed priority list.

Best SEO Tips by Ofactory

As it is 2016 now, the internet world is having a revised version for search engine optimization factors. So, I am here to provide you the best SEO tips and tricks for 2016. Find the top 5 tips below!

Meta Tags and Titles:

With no doubt, we can mark these tags as the primary factor in SEO of any webpage. Page title and Meta description matter a lot. Make sure these 2 are:

  • Present in each page
  • Unique for each page
  • Relevant to the content of page
  • Contains target keyword

Keyword Research:

One of the most important factors to keep under special consideration is your keyword research. Keyword is the main factor on the basis of which you are going to play your game. For each page, you have specific keywords against which you are going to optimize your page. While deciding upon any keyword, make sure you have done proper research. Keep in mind following points:

  • Make sure you choose hot keyword which is having healthy search volume.
  • Look upon the level of competition which the selected keyword contains.

To perform your keywords research, you can use the free tool of Google in the name of Adwords Keyword Tool. The optimum keyword density for any page is in between 2% – 5%.

URL Structures:

Do not forget to make your URLs search engine friendly. Avoid using stop words in the URLs. Best way to make your URL SEO friendly is to use your page title with dashes in the URL. Use your target keyword in the URL as a must.
If you are having a WordPress blog, you can use Permalinks option which uses the above mentioned URL structure automatically while creating new URLs. You can enable this option from settings panel or WordPress admin.


XML sitemaps are important for the indexing and optimization of any site type. You can find many online tools to create your XML sitemap for free. I will suggest you to upload your sitemap in every search engine so that your content gets the highest weightage everywhere.

Relevant Links:

For better ranking, you must include some relevant links in your page content. Try to incorporate both inbound and outbound links in your page content. Inbound links provide a better coverage to your other important pages. On the other hand, outbound links provide your readers some useful supporting resources.
I hope these 5 best SEO tips will help you in getting a better ranking and better exposure.