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3 Simple ways to install a WordPress Plugin

3 Simple ways to install a WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a complete package benefited with all essential elements that are needed by a web developer. It has made web development a piece of cake and a cup of tea with its exciting features. It is simple software with a couple of technical details. This software have countless plugins for multipurpose. For every WordPress developer, it is paramount to learn the procedure of installing WordPress Plugin.

Installing plugins is the simplest thing to do. There are different ways and all are quite easy and will ask for a couple of moments to get installed.

Below are the 3 simple ways to install a WordPress plugin …

To install a WordPress Plugin you can follow the following simple techniques. These techniques include;

  1. Search for the WordPress plugin and install it
  2. Upload the WordPress plugin and install it
  3. With the help of FTP Method

Let’s move on for further details, each of these mentioned points will give you the brief explanation about these procedures.

  1. Search for the WordPress plugin and install it:

WordPress dashboard is a goldmine of plugins and it is the easiest way to search for the one you need. All you need is to type the name of your desired extension in the search bar. Once you will enter search button, there will be all related plugins with reference to your searched term. Click on the results each of them will be provided by the details about features. Choose the one that match your criteria and proceed towards installation. There is an option of install no, for installation you have to simply click on it.

For this technique it is optimal to know the name of your desired WordPress plugin. Without knowing it will be difficult to pursuit the exact result.

  1. Upload the WordPress plugin and install it:

The second option is also very easy and will not take much time. In this way you have to download the plugin from any third party in a zipped format. Third party could be any other website and once downloaded to your system you can upload this file on the WordPress dashboard. Make sure while downloading from any other website do not forget to read the details. Check out its compatibility, size and features in short read complete documentation ahead for best handling.

  1. With the help of FTP Method:

At times web developers encounter server issues resulting in poor installation from dashboard search. Then, this is the moment in time when without wasting a moment you can opt for this third option. In this technique you have to perform installation from C-panel of your website. Download the plugin from any website and upload it to your WordPress library through FTP software. This uploaded file will appear in the plugins folder. Simply activate it and use with ease.

These were the three ways which can make you WordPress plugin installation a quick an easy task to perform. In my opinion the first option is the most suitable for every professional. The next two should be utilized in case of trouble performing the installation from the WordPress dashboard option.