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25 Exclusive On-Page SEO Tips for Blogging

25 Exclusive On-Page SEO Tips for Blogging

Most of the bloggers are making this mistake. They randomly follow SEO techniques, instead of opting for a single complete guide. This will surely waste your time and resources. I have compiled best on-page SEO tips in this post to gather significant amount of enthusiastic readers towards your blog. Many readers might be craving for the content, which your blog is filled with. Search engine optimization will help you reaching out to them.

At present, there are more than 60 percent business websites own a blog. This shows that there is a huge competition out there. But we cannot deny the importance of a matured blog in current trends. So, this is becoming challenging to get the best out of your efforts. If you are ready to face the challenge, then this is the right place to stick up on.

Let’s move on to the following queries explaining the 25 Exclusive On-Page SEO Tips for Blogging…

  1. Did you perform research first?

If you are thinking to start a new blog, research is undoubtedly important prior to any other step. Go through the other existing blogs working very well on web. Take an overview of the sites, which are providing hosting. Reach out to the SEO tips for blogging. Get an idea about how a blog works and what are the basics and what is the purpose of blog.

  1. Do you have your own Domain?

A blog created for improved visibility is supposed to have its own registered domain. There are many hosting sites offering sub domains. Though, it is free of cost, but will not be favorable for your SEO practices. This is why I suggest having your own hosting right in the beginning of your blog will be the best choice.

  1. Have you decided the domain name?

If you really wish to become a google favorite, then there is no point is over-looking the hot trends. For deciding your blog domain name you have to search for the in demand topic. Pick up the most popular niche of your business, to capture the attention of maximum readers. For example if you are working for an IT industry currently smartphones are highly searched.

  1. Is there any plan on paper?

Random starts indisputably end up on failure. Spend ample time on planning to avoid any unwanted trouble afterwards. You should have proper documented form of what you are up to. The categories, navigation, type of content you will be uploading and draw a rough sketch of what you have at the back of your mind.

  1. Is your blog properly categorized?

Just like websites, there should be a header explaining major and subcategories. While applying SEO tips, you should have organized categories. For example, if you have a blog for web development tutorial categorize it with the types of development, guide for beginners or experienced professional etc.

  1. Do you have optimized URL Structure?

Get rid of long untidy URLs, Google is becoming more sophisticated and love to keep up the blogs with short well optimized URL structures. You can opt for any tool that will examine all of the URLs marking those, which need optimization. A perfect URL possesses maximum 4 to 5 words. Avoid stoppers like; is, this etc. because it will unfavorably affect indexation.

  1. Is your blog Meta data optimized?

SEO tips are incomplete without, Meta description, Meta tags and Meta keywords are very important. It compels visitors from search engines to step in to our blog.

  1. Is your navigation search engine/ user friendly?

Navigation is the pathway that will help the visitor visiting your blog by explaining what you have in there. It is one of the most important SEO tips to follow. It has been analyzed that intricately designed navigation appears to be confusing and over stuffed. It should be user friendly. Pick generic names and follow the standard pattern to avoid high bounce rate.

  1. Is your blog speed optimized?

Leading towards the further mentioned SEO tips, in terms of on-page SEO speed refers to the page loading time. A fast loading blog page is supposed to be a user friendly for the visitors. It is linked with the theme you have opted for your blog make sure it is supporting the page loading.

  1. Do you have diverse landing pages?

SEO tips for blogging is much familiar with that of website. Just like websites you blog should have an about us page where you have to introduce yourself and the purpose of your blog. Work keenly on every page to make it captivating for the end users.

  1. Have you analyzed your target audience?

You must have seen many articles sharing SEO tips. One point that is the most common among all of these is they value the target audience. You can consider it as a focal point because you entire effort is for your target readers. They can also be identified as potential buyers. Now your product could be a blog subscription.

  1. Have you done Competitor analysis?

Never overlook your competitors, always keep an eye on their activities. You different tools available online for acquiring detailed report on competitor analysis. Compare your activities with there’s and cover the loop holes by following white hat SEO tips.

  1. Are you aware of keyword analysis?

The entire SEO campaign revolves around keywords. Choosing the right keyword with the help of google trends, keyword tools, is actually a complex task. No matter how long it takes you to be there, remember! Do not compromise on keyword quality. Be sure that your list of chosen keyword is hot favorite among your target audience.

  1. Are you using keywords in right density?

Different blogs sharing SEO tips say that keyword density should be 1 to 2 percent for per hundred words. The more you will increase the more there will be a chance to encounter failure. Google counts over stuffed keywords as spam.  Use LSIs to make sure your whole content is relevant to the topic.

  1. What about keyword placement?

Place your keywords everywhere on your blog. Use them in the Metadata; use them in the URLS and also place keywords naturally in your posts.

  1. Do you have any idea about the quality content?

SEO tips strictly include the content quality as a must element. Google discourage poor quality content, which refers to grammatically errors, extra difficult wordings, complex sentence structures, keyword over stuffing and false information.

  1. Is it enriched and optimized images?

It is one of the secret SEO tips. Google loves to honor unique and your very own images. If you are eager to get high ranking then avoid copying existing images and try to create your own images.

  1. Is there anyone to review?

Review your content twice before uploading. Make sure it is error free and have all required points included. All above mentioned SEO tips will go to waste if your end product will not be reviewed.

  1. Are you aware of plagiarism?

Once reviewed do not forget to check for plagiarism. There are many online tools available, but while checking do not rely on a single option. Check thrice on multiple sites.

  1. How you submitted your blog to search engines?

Submission to search engine is also a very important step. Submit your blog in google webmaster to get it indexed quickly. It will also give you a detail report about the broken links and other Html issues.

  1. Are you updating your blog frequently?

Crawlers always focus those sites and blogs, where activity is performing in terms of uploading and upgradation. They also notice the pages where visitors are frequently visiting, which can be possible with regular updating. Create new catchy content and update regularly.

  1. What do anchor Text do in SEO?

Anchor text is that clickable text which have attached hyperlink. Link your posts internally with other landing pages this will also optimize your visibility in SERPs. Make sure you have link the right landing page with keyword.

  1. Are you thinking about content spinning?

Warning!!! For all bloggers be aware of the content spinning. You might have seen many online rewriting tools that can rephrase the existing articles. Though, this will remove plagiarism but google can catch it and will directly panelize your blog. This can be counted within black hat SEO tips.

  1. Have you integrated your blog with social media networks?

To get more traffic and improved ranking integrate your blog with the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can add buttons on every landing page to let your readers share with their social networks.

  1. Is there any way to contact you?

Last but not the least, you should allow people to contact you for their feedbacks or even for guest blogging. You can also offer subscriptions for future updates through email reminders. This will place a very nice impact on the readers.

These were the basic On-page SEO tips which can be helpful for optimizing your blog.