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10 Easy Steps to Mobile App development

Creative mobile apps ideas should be transformed into reality without wasting a moment. Those who are developers but haven’t design their first best mobile app yet, it’s time for them to step into this arena. Mobile app development is not a rocket science. You need to follow a step by step guide to bring your dreamed app into reality. If you are searching for an easy guide, then I must say you are at a right post.

Following are the 10 easy steps to mobile app development…

These points will cover all steps to assist you in creating your own app. All you need to do is follow the sequence without missing any of the below mentioned steps.

  1. Define the purpose:

At first the web developer should have a reason or purpose for which he is going to build an app. Sometimes it’s for any business for promotion, sometime for entertainment purpose. So, it is very important to define a purpose behind your plan. Once you will have a clear purpose, it will be easy for you to design further accordingly.

  1. Think of an idea:

The second step is idea generation. Idea is dependent on the purpose, which you have decided in the previous step. Now you have to think how it will look like. The functionality, the starting page, how people will register to it. All such things need to be planned for further procedure.

  1. Sketch your thought:

You are done with brainstorming, now it’s time to pencil it. You can make rough sketches for each screen of your app. This should be in detail, including all the bits and pieces of your app. This will help you in optimizing your final idea.

  1. Explore and Research:

Once you are done with sketches, now you have to search other apps of your type. Mobile app development is versatile and has countless options against each of its category. So, you can explore many apps. Now, compare your idea with these existing options and try to add uniqueness in yours.

  1. Create a Prototype:

In this step you have to create a mockup app. In mobile app development this is a key step. In this mockup add all the details which you want to see in the end product. Now connect with your social circle and request them to help in checking the functionality and outlook of your app. Now, collect reviews from them as they will be favorable in future ranking.

  1. Work on the backend:

Now, it’s time to work on servers, APIs and the data storage. Set up the best possible solution for all these. Most importantly, here at this point the developer should create an approved account on the app market place. Its approval often takes several days, so better to do it now.

  1. Create ‘Skins’ of your app:

This part is solely related to the graphic designer. In this step he has to create high quality individual screens for your app. This is all for your targeted audience, so be very careful to get the best out of it.

  1. Test and Test twice:

This is the stage where you need to test again, yes again don’t take it easy. This is your actual app in its final looks where you have to keenly observe its functioning, speed, efficiency and all buttons and tabs.

  1. Refining the app:

After final testing eliminate all the loopholes and create the final error free product. Here you can download any testing tool to proceed further. Now the mobile app development process is completed.

  1. Launching or Releasing time:

 If you have created an android app then no further efforts required they normally register and submit your app without any rechecking or testing. On the other hand IOS take time and they are authorized to review and test your app before submission. The third option to avoid delays is the pre apps here, newly developed apps are uploaded and those who are eager to experience the apps at first come and this in result bring feedbacks for your product.

Once you are done with this whole process of mobile app development now, focus on its marketing and enjoy the result.