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10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Logo Design

10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Logo Design

Logo design is a complex corner of graphic designing. We encounter many logos in a whole day long with different master ideas behind. Each of them has been designed after a careful thought and creative thinking. Designing is often linked to creativity only, people often have this misconception that one with artistic approach and bit knowledge about operating tools can design a logo.

Although, creativity and technological skills are essential for designing but without proper sense of principles you cannot get the best out your efforts. For all designers out there, to assist you in designing a perfect company logo design I have collected a list of common mistakes to avoid while working on a logo design.

Following are the 10 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Logo Design …

  1. Alike Others :

Logo design is supposed to be your identity with unique looks. It makes no sense that you start copying others for creating your individuality. This is the most common mistake that can be drastic and highly damaging for your company image.

  1. Poor Pixels:

Company logo is not for a day or month, it is something that will stay longer with your company. This is why it is very important to focus on quality. Always design in high quality software, so that in future if you want to print or show in larger size pixels won’t damage its looks.

  1. Improper Size:

Logo design is often a combination of text and shapes. To give an appealing outlook you have to follow proper composition, the size of text should be compatible with the shapes. Also the overall size should be small and eye catching.

  1. Incompatible color and Design:

Color scheming is always an important element in designing. You logo design can be the best or worst with the selection of colors and design. Extremely loud colors with over stuffed shapes can harm your image.

  1. Intricate Art:

Artistic addition is too good to have but excessive complexity can ruin the entire looks of logo. It is best to be simple and memorable. The more complex or intricate your design will be the less attention it will grab.

  1. Irrelevant:

Every industry has some relevant symbols which can be utilized for making a logo. For example if you are designing logo for a car company, obviously you cannot use the symbol of fork or spoon. Likewise there are other factors that should be relevant to the industry whose logo you are about to design.

  1. Trendy:

Logo design once finalized, it stays lifelong with your brand just like the logo of Coka Cola. This is why it is biggest mistake to go with the trends. Create something evergreen.

  1. Self-satisfactory:

You are designing company logo to fascinate your customers. This is why self-satisfactory creation could be a mistake, instead of this try to reach out to your customer’s choice.

  1. Unmatched Fonts:

Poor font selection can destroy the entire effort. It should be easily understandable with fascinating design. Unnecessary bold characters can also be improper.

  1. Homemade:

For a best logo design you need to hire a professional with exceptional skills and ideas. Self-creations are not always recommended especially in case of logo design.  So, it is far better to avoid this mistake instead of wasting your time and energies in wrong direction.

These were the few common mistakes that should be avoided for a perfect logo designing experience.